Partied with a Baptist Preacher for the 1st time!

This past weekend a fellow atheist and I went to Harrison, Arkansas and picked about 600 pounds of St. Vincents wine grapes. They're a fairly new hybrid of vinifera and we were curious as to what kind of wine we could make from them. The guy who owns the small vineyard is a 60 year old non-practicing Catholic in poor health. We got to know more about him through the course of the day and discovered he has turned his property over to a friend who was able to alleviate some of his financial woes. This friend is a Baptist preacher. Around here fundamentalists, including the Baptists, are adamantly opposed to alcohol and it's consumption. Not this fellow, he and his wife, who look to be in their late forties, stopped by the vineyard late in the afternoon and proceeded to drink several glasses of wine with us. His nose wasn't red like Rudolphs but I know he was catching a buzz. We chatted about wine grapes and talked about swapping cutting stock next spring but I avoided getting too personal. This couple definitely has a unique religious view on 'sucking suds.' I can only hope he will eventually come to my neck of the woods and preach his new gospel of tolerance.  : ^)

There's a joke: What's the difference between a Baptist and a Methodist? A Methodist will say hello when you run into them at the liquor store. 

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Comment by Ed on September 16, 2012 at 10:45am

The Methodist and, especially, Catholic church are much more tolerant of happy juice consumption. I once spent Easter weekend with a former girlfriend and her Catholic family. We made a sizable dent in the 2 kegs of beer on the carport right up to the time to change clothes and attend Midnight Mass. The beer buzz did help make the services a little more palatable.


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