Parents Let Child Die Waiting for God to Save Her

Taken from Intolerant Faith, posted by Joe McCraw

"Negligent Fundie Parents Deny Life-saving Treatment To Daughter.

Kara Neumann, the victim of negligence by her wack-job Christian fundamentalist parents, was denied treatment by her parents, ended up dying from juvenille diabetes complications. She could have survived the ordeal, had she been taken to the hospital, yet her parents, justified in their belief that god will save their daughter if they had enough faith, did nothing as their child withered away from dehydration and eventually fatal organ failure. This story is proof that they are not fit to be parents, and I really hope they are held responsible for their actions, and held to task for their daughter's death. People will say that religion is a positive thing sometimes, but I doubt there are many who wouldn't point to this story as being a negative thing. Religion is sometimes responsible for evil in this world, and we should stand united against anyone who would subjugate another's rights due to their religious beliefs.

Wisconsin – US courts are now looking to crack down on parents who allow their children to die, believing that God will heal them, rather then medicine.
Kara Neumann was only 11 years old when she passed away, after weeks spent at home, dying of complications of the juvenile diabetes that her parents refused to have treated. Their belief that God would intervene persisted, even as she lost the ability to walk, speak, or move on her own.
It was a relative who finally called police, frantic after learning the depth of what was going on. The police rushed an ambulance to the home, but it was too late. Kara was dead, the final cause being dehydration, and organ failure, as a result of her diabetes being left untreated.
This is just one of many of the cases of treatable ailments leading to a child’s death because of the parent’s unwillingness to act, believing God will cure all, and the US justice system has decided enough is enough. Dale and Leilani Neumann, Kara’s parents, have been indicted on charges of reckless endangerment leading to the death of a child.
Her parents argue that such a charge, or any punishment at all, violates their freedom of religion. The courts disagree.
“The free exercise clause of the First Amendment protects religious belief,” Judge Vincent Howard of Marathon County Circuit Court said of his decision to indict. “but not necessarily conduct.”
If convicted, both Mr and Mrs Neumann could face 25 years in prison, each. It is thought that this will be the first of many to take a firm stand against the reliance of “faith healing”."

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Comment by Mark on January 23, 2009 at 5:20am
I think this actually sets a bad precedent, don't get me wrong, the parents were wrong but the statement:
“The free exercise clause of the First Amendment protects religious belief,” Judge Vincent Howard of Marathon County Circuit Court said of his decision to indict. “but not necessarily conduct.”
is a huge loophole. could be turned into believe what you want but don't conduct yourself with a crucifix or a star of david, or by proclaiming atheism, or any number of things.
This whole indictment has the stink of religious right all over it. They don't just want you to be christian, they want you to practice it the way they do.
Comment by Ellimist on January 31, 2009 at 11:05am
This brings up one of the gravest of all of religion's historical offenses.....

"The first indication that something was amiss with Marley's health came in May of 1977. While on tour in France, Marley re-injured a right toe during a soccer game. The injury refused to heal and instead quickly worsened -- the entire nail came off and doctors recommended amputation. Citing religious beliefs, a limping Marley refused the surgery and gamely continued on tour. Later that summer, Marley finally allowed an orthopedic surgeon to perform a skin graft on the toe, and the procedure was deemed "a success."

In September of 1980, a weakened Marley almost fainted onstage while performing in New York. The next day, he collapsed while jogging in Central Park. Marley was diagnosed with a brain tumor (a result of the untreated cancer in his toe) and given less than a month to live. Despite the grim news, Marley played one final show in Pittsburgh before being flown to Miami. There doctors verified that the singer had cancer in the brain, lung, and stomach. Eight months later, Marley passed away. "

Why, Bob, Why?

also Ghandi let his wife suffer and die from perfectly treatable bronchitis, while she was in prison for protesting with him no less. Then a couple weeks later he caught a wiff of some malaria and let them load him up on drugs to cure it.....what a dick.
Comment by Andrew the Fluffer on February 7, 2009 at 11:39pm


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