There is always a big campaign against Atheist people in Muslim countries. For more than six years I have been tweeting against the corrupt political & religious elite in Pakistan. I discussed it many time in my previous blog posts.Few days back this page was shared on social media by different people against us.

 These things are written on this page against atheist people

A: This time atheists have occupied the twitter and Facebook. These people don’t accept the Koran and Hadith. We, the true believers of Islam request the Government of Pakistan that these atheists must be brought to justice as soon as possible. These people not only bark against Koran and hadith but also disrespect the policies of Pak army , government and religious notable Preachers every day. Wherever they are caught a case of treason and blasphemy must be made against them.


B: these are all those people who are active on social media at this time it is Requested to government their blogs which are available on their profiles must be banned in Pakistan. They must be caught and a website name Pakistani FreeThinkers and their blasphemer page must be stopped.


C: all religious notables are totally agreed for the hardest punishment to all the Blasphemers who are committing this crime government of Pakistan must stop this charge of atheism and show its love for Great Allah.

 Here is the link of a protest which was made against Atheists in Pakistan on 29-10-2016

This is the campaign against us in Pakistan my 7 tweets were mentioned in this page most of the people who were mentioned on this page are my friends on social media.

 Then we were told by many people that this page has been distributed outside the mosques in different cities of Pakistan. They are the hate mongers who are doing this & inciting people against atheists in Pakistan.

 Cyber-criminal law has been passed in national assemble in Pakistan many people have been deactivated their accounts who are talking about atheism & black blasphemy law in Pakistan

Today people protested against Atheists in Pakistan this is the file photo it’s written on these banners & pages 

1: arrest all those atheists who are disrespecting Islam  

2: Tell this to blasphemers the honour of Islam is alive

3: only Devils will disrespect the Islam we announce to eliminate them.

few monthes back My Atheist friend from Pakistan was threatened by an Islamic scholar live on TV I discussed it in my old blog before

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