Pakistan is like the United States? A new article sheds light on Pakistan's history and future direction.

In an excellent article entitled "The ideology of thought control in Pakistan", an examination of contemporary Pakistan and its history in relation to religion is laid out in an incredibly detailed yet easy to read essay. The article is from which is a 24 hour news source located in Pakistan.


As I read through the article, I could not help but feeling a sense that much of what that country has gone through and is going through, is very similar to what is happening here. For example, it does not seem that the country's founding was meant to create a state that is solely based on strict Islamic sharia law but rather based on more progressive and secular ideas


Instead of being a Muslim state as envisaged by its founders, Pakistan was recast in the mould of an Islamic state, where Islamic law would reign supreme. A state sponsored and systematic purging of liberal and secular values of future generati....


Another comparison can be made in terms of how we value and pay for education:


Pakistan’s skewed priorities may account for the huge amount spent on its ever increasing “defence needs” and only 1.5 per cent of it’s GDP on education. But lost in the brouhaha over the lack of access to education is the dire need to revise the dogmatic and distorted school curriculum. As the pendulum swings in Pakistan between radicals and moderates, we need our friends to stand with us and demand that Pakistanis don’t need an education which stunts, blinds, distorts and deadens any more. As Alvin Toffler said, “The illiterate of the future will not be the person who cannot read. It will be the person who does not know how to learn.”


There are many voices within Pakistan that are very aware of the need to address this systematic "thought control" of the people and especially the youth of the country.

For those interested, it is worth a read and I would love to hear our Pakistani members thoughts.

The full article is




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