The year is 2112 exactly 100 years into the future, the place is a school classroom in Great Britain full of 12 year olds, the class is history and the subject is ancient beliefs. 


The teacher is standing in front of the class much as they do today but she has some flashier gizmos and has a large screen behind her rather than a blackboard.  She can call up text and images on to the screen by voice command as there’s a controlling computer which is attuned to her voice commands.


The teacher is telling the students how in ancient times people used to believe that the earth that they live on was created in seven days by a deity that everyone believed in who was called in various cultures god, Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah and before those gods there were countless other gods that people used to believe in.  She said that even in this country at one point in history almost everyone believed in the Christian god and if anyone refused to believe or doubted the existence of this god they were subject to various punishments from ostracism through imprisonment to being put to death.  Freedom of thought was not an option!


Little Johnny at the back of the class (It’s always Little Johnny) puts his hand up and spotting him the teacher says “yes Johnny what is it?” to which he replies “Miss, why did so many people believe in all of this irrational stuff?  Was there any evidence?”  To which the teacher replies “No Johnny, there was no evidence, but people had faith because a 2000 year old book written by who knows who told them to believe, so they believed because people back then were like sheep!”  To which Johnny replied “That’s just stupid!”


(Out of the mouths of babes!)

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