supporting the anti-communists in

the Soviet Union from

1944 to 1989---

supporting al-Za’im in Syria in


installing Shah Mohammed Reza

Pahlevi in 1953 Iran---

supporting Colonel Carlos Castillo

Armas in 1954 Guatemala---

providing weapons to anti-communist

Tibetans, from the mid-1950’s to the


rounding up & supporting the Laotian

Hmong to fight communists in Laos,

from the mid-1950’s to the 1970’s---

providing weapons, money and aid to

Colonel Ahmad Hussein and Colonel

Ventje Sumual’s forces in 1958


attemped to assassinate Fidel

Castro various times, training

anti-communists to invade Cuba

in 1959 through the failed Bay of

Pigs operation and Operation


supported coup of Rafael Trujilo’s

regime in the Dominican Republic

in 1961 and his subsequent


supported the Ba’ath Party killing of

Abd al-Karim Qasim in 1963---

instigated, supported and provided

money to those carrying out the

coup & assassination of Ngo Dinh

Diem in 1963’s South Vietnam---

supported Joao Goulart’s removal

via coup d’etat in 1964’s Brazil---

supported  anti-communist

right-wingers in 1967’s

Greece, killing what had been a

democratically elected government


did everything under the sun to

eliminate the government of elected

President Salvador Allende in Chile,

from 1970-1973, including the

murder of Rene Schneider---

supported the military overthrow

of Argentina’s democratically

elected Isabel Martinez de Peron in


provided weapons, training &

billions of dollars in aid (your tax

dollars) to Afghan militants opposing

the Soviet Union in Afghanistan

between 1979 and 1989, helping to

fortify the mujahideen & create the

now infamous al-Qaida---

provided support to the Polish

Solidarity movement from 1980-

1981, initially to fight the Soviet

Union’s influence there, however

subsequently supporting the

government’s own oppression of

its people---

sweat & toiled for 9 years from

1981 to 1990, trying desperately to

remove the Nicaragua’s Sandinista


helped the military government of

El Salvador from 1980 to 1992 to

engage their death squads in the

oppression of the Farabundo Marti

National Liberation Front---

backed Ayad Allawi’s resistance

in Iraq from 1992 to 1995, in the

attempt to dismantle Saddam

Hussein’s regime---

supported the Venezuelan coup in


provided millions of dollars to

Fatah in Palestine in order to

overthrow Hamas rule in Gaza,

in particular the failed coup of


gave financial support to

anti-Islamic warlords in 2006


pumped hundreds of millions of

dollars into Iran’s resistance to

the government there between

2005 and present day, in

desperate hope that they will

be destroyed from within---

overthrew Muammar Qaddafi 

in 2011 Libya with help from

the opposition there---

and Syria is next folks.


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