On Thursday, March 24th, the following article was printed on YAHOO NEWS, via the Associated Press:

“Who's in hell? Pastor's book sparks eternal debate

By TOM BREEN, Associated Press Tom Breen, Associated Press”  


YAHOO NEWS LINK: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110324/ap_on_re/us_rel_hell__no



One Step Closer

                   by delapruch


Some targets are just too easy, no?  As if organized religion wasn’t easy enough, now we see the big brains in the christian spectacle denigrating & dismissing one of their own because he is one step closer to a greater, more healthy, sense of reality---that day in his life when god will be dead.  This of course will be the same day when Mr. Holtz will recognize this life as being the only one that he has, and that he has to answer to no one, as no human being is any better than he is, nor is she/he any worse.  I commend him for moving in that direction, whether or not he is conscious of it.   


As we with a functioning brain and passionate pulse know, christians make two big claims (amongst the plethora of fiction) which scare people into believing (or at least pretending to believe).  While neither are unique to the Christian faith when one reviews the history of organized religion as a whole, they do have an effect on our western society---so much so that they bleed like a festering contagious disease into every corner of our culture.  It is both the promise of a condemnation to hell and the resurrection of the only man (fictional character) who survived both death on earth and a descent into this place (conveniently, mr. christ) that form the backbone of this religion.  If you do not believe in the resurrection, therefore the whole saga of christ, then you will promptly meet hellfire, etc. when you die.  Like something of a whiny & needy mob boss in the sky, we are told all the demands that we must abide by, all the ways in which we must pay up our lives to him, so that we can avoid this treacherous fate. 


I have to wonder what the future holds for Mr. Holtz, who in my opinion has taken his first real step towards the true betterment of his own life, the life of his loved ones, as well as those around him (both in the workplace and the public sphere).  This is a man who has just begun to discover his own courage and in that, his own humanity---one that is not fake, shallow, self-serving and transparent, but substantially present in real time---one that brings with it the possibility of concrete progress---an invaluable move in the direction of a healthy species that will love and care for itself without making up stories that divide, condemn, place blame & scapegoat responsibility, as it currently does.    


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