stumbling upon a case of a christian minister or priest

who took his sweet time to violate the innocence of

one or several little kids who will never be able to wash

themselves clean of the disease with which such a monster

crept along the sewer floor with is like


fish in a


unraveling like an old rope, the dominos fall & story upon story upon

story of these




pop up like wild fire &

then the representatives of the grand illusion come running

trying to make excuses

for a sickness which comes hand in hand with the lies told in that

“holy book”---

for those of us who don’t believe the flailing horse excrement

which is wielded upon us on a daily basis by faiths claiming to know

all the answers,

the actual documented crimes of those brave children who have come forth

later in life to reveal the true nature of these


comes slamming into our hearts & minds




for when the nonbeliever turns on their television

late at night,

s/he is subjected to the babblings of lunatics going on about armageddon, fire & brimstone, and all the

teaching of fictional characters,

which somehow inspire people to violate children---

and if those who think that there is no linkage between the two want to

belay the point being made, saying that it is only a

select few who promulgate such horrors upon the young,

then the nonbeliever can offer up one question---

why do so many of these monsters get away with it?


your faith provides the shelter.



*for a brief list of christian child rapers


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Comment by StarStuff on October 29, 2011 at 3:21pm

Don't get me started!  I have big issues with the Catholic cult... O_o


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