Religion would have been a more tolerable concept had it promised its adepts a place in heaven for doing good in the course of their existence. Instead, it somehow managed to convince them that their salvation is directly linked to the amount of involvement they maintain in other people's lives. As surprising as it may sound, it has become perfectly normal for some to dictate the lifestyle and moral values of a whole community, regardless of diversity and freedom of choice.
Religious people are so haunted by this consuming desire to please the mighty Lord ,and  therefore secure a position in a certain imaginary place, that they overlook the amount of pain or discomfort they're bringing to others. Take for example the religious groups fighting against gay rights. Their systematic attacks on gays may not affect the general population, but are certainly damaging to vulnerable homosexual teens who have to go through a lot of bullying and hatred. Such situations can lead to devastating results, such as depression and suicide... and the worst part? We can't even blame the culprit, because he doesn't exist!


Religion has neglected compassion and the simple right for someone to exist. Shoving their beliefs down everybody's through has been taking up a large amount of religious people's time. No matter how many victims they claim, how many lives they ruin, how much pain they leave behind, their insatiable need to follow some obscure teachings shows no signs of slowing down. Religious extremism, and by that I don't just mean the usual terrorist taint that some religious groups have acquired, is growing steadily, almost as fast as some people's strive for equality and freedom. There seems to be no room for compromise, no way for discourse, no means to solve this dilemma in the near future. This is not a classic religion vs. atheism conflict... it is simply a clear infringement of human rights.
Your road to heaven is paved with bad intentions, but not everything is lost yet. The next time your trusted and beloved religious figure preaches hatred and discrimination simply walk away... I would choose humanity over some imaginary place, wouldn't you?

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On Your Way To Heaven

God-Creates-Adam-Sistine-Chapel  by  ideacreamanuelaPps, available under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

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