On the Public Declaration of Love Between Two Individuals

to those that hold the institution of marriage

to be something beautiful---

a way of declaring your unending love to another

human being

in front of all your friends & family,

and not just a legally binding contract

which makes you look good on tax forms

and lets you get a better deal on

health care

in the united states,

one always wonders why it is that they feel they need

such a contract to do so?


does love need to be legally defined?

regardless of your answer to that question,

what does need to be defined in the so-called

“land of the free,”

is just exactly how free we actually are---

for the denial of the right for members of the same sex to

declare their love to each other in the same fashion as those who

are of the opposite sex,

and to exist with all of the benefits given to heterosexual married couples

is an abomination of

“biblical proportions”

(this phrase is used to express BIG things like all the BIG FICTIONAL

EVENTS which occur in said work of fiction---it is often the only unit of

measurement that narrow-minded bible thumpers can comprehend).


still living in the dark ages,

we the people of the united states are forced to abide by

the horrific statements spawned in the book of


spreading a disease of homophobic bigotry throughout,

which has been responsible for centuries of

oppression & murder

bestowed upon individuals who were born

with a different sexual preference

than the supposedly heterosexual

(intercourse with camels, goats & chickens doesn’t factor into this definition)

men who were having sex with numerous young girls

whom they didn’t even allow the right to


kudos to these “holy men,”

who have sodomized civilization for this long

& are still doing so in the



this is not

rocket science---

equal rights for people living within this


means that




no one is to be excluded on the basis of their

race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age, class, religion,

and for that matter,


absence of religion. 


it is time for the government of the united states---


“leader of the free world,”

to follow suit with the likes of

argentina, belgium, canada, iceland, the

netherlands, norway, portugal, south

africa, spain &

sweden &



that means not having to call it something else---

that means not having to feel separated from your

fellow heterosexual citizens---

that means not being discriminated against---

that means no longer depriving those who desire such a beautiful day,

as the one in which they are able to express

something that is growing to be so rare---

that is,

a loving commitment to another individual,

amidst all the murder, chaos, destruction and

sadness in the world,

which we are all still forced to endure.




To sign the Human Rights Campaign “Millions for Marriage” petition:



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