on the outright blatant charbroiling of Christopher Dorner

oh how they don’t like it when one of their own

turns on them,

oh how they don’t like it when he gets a gun---

oh how easily they lie when their lies are exposed &

now Mr. Dorner is dead,

just like they planned.


as parallels are made with Waco &

the buzz clips show the forceful roasting of the cabin in which

Dorner hid for his last moments,

the audio exchanges of the officers in question who

intentionally deployed the burners in order to

set it aflame & reduce it to rubble,

echo a tune that we all know too well---

that the pigs oinking round in the LAPD are good at what they do &

that is wielding

unbridled violence---

as they have done in the past,

so they continue in the present.


so does it make you feel more safe, america,

when those that get paid to “protect us”

end up getting burnt to ash

because they complained about the rampant racism

that flourishes within those very police departments

in which they work


were subsequently fired?


will you get in line & again,

as in


point the finger at the shooter &

refuse to ask any questions as to


someone ends up unloading on people?

is it easier for you to sleep at night,

now that one man has been burnt to ash

after being hunted by the very organization in which he was

once employed?


you don’t smell a rat in the sewer?


nawww…it’s just so much easier to think that the state

has your back &

then change the channel with one hand while

stuffing your face with Doritos

with the other

(so you don’t have to see the footage of the flames),

isn’t it.


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