Of course, science is not the enemy of religious faith. Sanity is. (ichbindaswortistich)

Over the ages, all religious pretensions, regardless of the respective faith of which they may have originated, have been disproved beyond any reasonable doubt. The earth is not flat but a sphere. The earth revolves about the sun, not vice versa. The earth is not the centre of the universe but a tiny planet in only one of myriads of galaxies. Neither have the species living today existed for ever, nor are they the only ones to ever have existed or exist. Neither believers nor disbelievers are necessarily moral or amoral. The list could be extended indefinitely.
By fanatically and insistingly claiming to possess eternal, inalterable truths, and forcing people to abide by arbitrary rules and laws under the threat and execution of severe punishments, including torture and death, religious faith has hindered progress in all aspects of human life, such as health, medicine, technology, individual happiness, and societal welfare, and continues to do so today. It has laid claim to moral values to which every normal, healthy human being abides – often even more so – without religion, and thereby falsely acquired the reputation to be these values’ origin, while its actual rules and laws contradict both these values and themselves. It has inspired people of all ages to lies, cheating, rape, cruelty, torture, and murder for the alleged ‘crimes’ of being different, female, sceptical, (accused of) blasphemy and witchcraft, or simply different opinion. It continuously dismisses all evidence against its vile and vain claims out of hand, while it does not provide any evidence for them itself, demanding to be believed just for the sake of believing. It treats everything and everyone unpleasant to it with contempt and hatred, while it demands and commands everyone to respect it. It directly and indirectly robs people of their possessions, and sets friends, families, and entire nations against one another. It has created, and continues to do so, needs which would not have come into existence in the first place if it had not been for religious faith, and then goes on to claim it were necessary and useful.
With this in mind, I am sick and tired of excuses being made on behalf of religious faith. Contrary to its own and its apologists’ claims, there is nothing good to religion whatsoever. Not only has it invented the concept of evil, but also has it proved itself – and continues to do so – time and again as its most enthusiastic perpetrator. It is the epitome of pestilence for the human mind. No sane being could ever agree with it on its true principles. So do you not ever ask for or demand my respect again. In order to improve the human condition on many aspects, first religious faith must become extinct.

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