All that is mine I carry with me

I am a minimalist. In every sense of the word, it is my philosophy on life. I've only recently found it, just as I've only recently found Atheism. Really when you think about it, I've only been an Atheist for just under 3 years, but prior to that I spent my entire young adult life as a Christian. I've struggled to rid my mind of the aftermath and the chaotic mess that Christianity left me with.

I have embraced the minimalist philosophy that "All that is mine I carry with me," because everything I need is within myself. You know the famous question, "If you had 60 seconds to grab what is most important to you in the case of a fire, would you bring?" My question is simple: My son. He is the most important person to me in the entire Universe. Aside from him I don't need to bring anything else. I would probably only add "Our emergency bag" for practical reasons....We always have an emergency bag ready to go at a moment's notice. That's just only smart when you live right over the biggest fault line and the highest earthquake risk area of the world, lol! (yes, on occasion that keeps me up at night....I know, I know.....).....

I do think that I am a minimalist because I became an Atheist. I value simplicity. I value taking care of the Earth. I value living a zero-waste lifestyle. I value eating healthy, and using non-toxic products, and partaking in a lot of DIY projects...I value a certain level of simplicity also for financial reasons.

I'm curious if other Atheists are also minimalists? Is minimalism common among Atheists?

As a bonus side note, I'm studying Bushido. I wonder if anyone else here has done so? Anyway.....that's all for now folks :-) 

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Comment by Strega on October 6, 2015 at 12:43pm
I like minimalism. I no longer carry a purse, just a little money/card pouch. My belongings are predominantly practical, and those items I have which are decorative or memento based are not integral to my world.

Go with the Bushido! I'm non aggressive and I don't think I've ever hit anyone in anger in my life. I put spiders outside rather than squish them. The only exception is mosquitos because I'm allergic to their bites, so I have no qualms in splattering them.
Comment by Pope Beanie on October 6, 2015 at 6:54pm

I'll never forget the scene of my Japanese brother in law's bedroom with a solitary light bulb hanging down from the center of the ceiling.

It's quite opposite to my complicated perception of the world, and all the clutter I own as though it were a part of me. I'm not necessarily happy with it, but I can't yet see how to get away from it. Perhaps worst of all, there's too much here my kids would probably choose to not inherit!

Comment by Unseen on October 6, 2015 at 9:10pm

I'm not as minimalist as you, but when I move from one place or apartment to another, I always go through my stuff and use the move as an opportunity to keep only what I think I'll be actually needing within the next year or two.

Comment by matt.clerke on October 7, 2015 at 5:41pm

It's hard to find elegance without minimalism. On the other hand, complexity can be stimulating and quality of life is important.


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