Oh NO! Baby Jesus is reported missing

Oh NO! Baby Jesus is reported missing. Da Da Dant Da Daaaah!


After I have this smoke I'll get right on it


Lots of call to make, leads to follow


I betcha it's one of those TA Crazies. We know who you are. I heard they even eat babies

(both shake heads)

or maybe it's an inside job, lets go check it out


Ahhh there he is. Turns out it was an alter boy

trying to set TA up.

 It's OK Lets let him go with a warning, after all his intentions were good.

And baby jesus is back....Silent Night Holy Night All is well...(everyone chuckles)



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Comment by Diane on September 6, 2013 at 8:58pm

This was amusing, but I have to say (in the most amiable way possible) you should probably get out more!  : )

Comment by _Robert_ on September 6, 2013 at 10:46pm

LOL, I am going through a 50's-70's nostalgia kick while looking for footage for a music video and ran across this x-mas special episode of dragnet. Those shows were so one dimensional and innocent in a way but brutal in other ways.

Stuff like this...



Comment by Ron Humphrey on September 7, 2013 at 4:59am

Watching Dragnet, Adam 12 and Emergency on MeTV is like entering a time warp.  I am transported back to a much simpler time.  Imagine, the cops having to stop and find a pay phone to call anyone.  

In one episode of  Emergency, the old punch cards were shuffling on the "computer"  in an attempt to find someone.  It took forever.  

The old cars on the streets are fascinating.  it is depressing to think that I can identify most of them.  (I turn 70 today!!!)

Comment by SteveInCO on September 7, 2013 at 9:42am

Imagine, the cops having to stop and find a pay phone to call anyone. 

My time is a bit later than this.  But I do remember Columbo getting calls on the phones of the people he was "pestering" (who everyone knew was the culprit, because Columbo started off showing the crime being committed; the show was about his methods).  I imagine it served to spook the bad guy somehow.  Of course even then, many cops had two way radios but Columbo was never in uniform that I ever saw.

In one episode of  Emergency, the old punch cards were shuffling on the "computer"  in an attempt to find someone.  It took forever. 

I remember that!  I believe they were trying to figure out which house someone was in because they knew a recent patient was in some sort of trouble or another (CO poisoning?).  As I recall it got down to seven people.  I was still a kid then, but my dad had some choice words about something or other in that episode (I don't think that device they used was the whole computer, which they neglected to show).  But my vague recollection of their methodology matches what I see people do in front of an SQL prompt today, narrowing down their searches.

I was in the one section (out of three that semester) that experimentally did not have to use punch cards in their introductory programming class when I was a college freshman.  We instead used these really clunky CP/M PCs that had two eight inch (not 5 1/4, but eight inch) floppy drives.  Now there is a technology that was obsolete about the time it came out!


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