hello everyone!
I am an atheist and I don't hide my thoughts on religion, no matter what religion or sect of religion.
I post videos and articles about religion on Facebook and Twitter.
I have Christian friends on both sites.
But, I was told not too long ago that me just stating my point of view is offensive.
I have Christian friends that post verses or whatever on my wall....I dont get offended.
I have other theist friends who post their thoughts...i don't get offended.
But, yet me just expressing my thoughts on religion or posting a funny video about religion offends them.
Seems like I'd have to do more that say "I'm an atheist" or the like to offend them.
Also it seems that if they really had "faith" they wouldnt be so easily offended.

What do ya'll think?

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Comment by Reg The Fronkey Farmer on October 29, 2010 at 5:14pm
Religion is always held with an elevated sense of respect especially in locations where large numbers of people belong to the same religion. Those who are deemed holiest are revered the most. So the opposite is true and Atheists are not respected and barely tolerated. Ask them what exactly they find offensive. That usually gets interesting answers. Also you could apologise as you did not mean to cause upset (bear with me) and ask them to forgive you. That can have a priceless reaction :) especially if they initially say "No".
Comment by Hillary Spencer on October 29, 2010 at 5:56pm
reg lol i may just do that
Comment by Norton Rosco Lucas on October 30, 2010 at 4:50am
Not to long ago I was in the parking lot of a grocery store when I wittnessed a fellow quite out of the ordinary, his state of dress and choice of hair style could be considered shocking to a lot of people... This didn't throw me for a loop of course, but I soon after wittnessed a mother and young son talking. The little boy mentioned that he'd never seen anyone like him before, and his mother promtly said, "That's right, he's very weird, and you'd never do anything like that to yourself, would you?" THIS offended me... but on the mother's side of it... she just wants to enstill her belief system on the child because that is what she believes is right... The punk offended her, and thus she lashed out at the influence it might have on her world... in this case, her son. People lash out at things different than themselves... Such as the brutal scrutiny that this woman recieved in my eyes... I found myself thinking, "Who are you to brainwash that poor child into being as narrow minded as you are.... You should be arrested for child abuse and put in a padded cell!!!"... My point is... There is no solution to social, racial, religious etc. offenses. People are just to well adjusted in the mindset that they've worked so hard to dig themselves into for the long long winter of the world unknown. They've been eating only that which suits them, and have taste for nothing else.... so bundle up... It's ganna be a long winter.


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