Ode to victory ode to rhyme
Ode to my empty love for you, for all
Everyone decides to begin in the front and work their way down, to meaning nothing
I too have my shallow impression of impersonation, though you make me forget,
I am too busy watching your charades.
There is too much in the world that aches me,
too many people claiming right that are wrong.
You don’t want to take over the world and make it better
You just long to have all the shining eyes on you, glory to the master of kind,
Glory to the master of wit and exhaust, this is your time, those are your minds
Take them, twist and meld, I stand in the corner, gaunt to a tee
Wondering will they ever really see
Their false ode to reality.
Will the true stand by and let all rot with turmoil?
False prophets and corrupt leaders will repent their grateful hearts
Squandered about their reigns embarking into confidence
Their peasants greedy and desperate
Will follow the great until doom striketh us down
Equalizing the master and his knight
No longer will that whore kept in darkness be spat upon;
I will raise her up to pillage your home and desecrate your unearthed
Shielded into the light with a remorseful end, the living shudder under your earth
Souls cringe as you pass; merely your shadow needs to be seen for all to flee,
You who say you are of god, make bleedith all those eyes under your severity
Boils spring forth spiraling death to its decomposing end
But you are the flower, creeping into growth-
There is poison in the pollen,
hells regeneration, spawn of beauty
For only evil can truly be purest of sin
Ruler on high, wicked catalyst of a dawning nation
Shall we uproot and resign you to your domain, guard you till night
Until the flesh of your flesh
Eatith you till nothing is left?

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