Obama at Newtown Memorial Service Sunday Nite

Couldn't listen to the President after 45 seconds. Here is a Harvard educated man who immediately starts his speech with references to the treasures laid up in heaven and that God will deliver us, blah blah. 

Why not comment on the very blatant absence of a benevolent protective god who saw no need to intervene in the heinous act. It's so much bullshit....

Will this country ever wake the phuck up?

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Comment by Ryan_For_Reason on December 19, 2012 at 11:23am

Ed - I understand your frustration, however it's impossible for him, or any other future president at this point in time to not placate the religious during tragedies.  Can you imagine the outcry and the irrational claims "he's a secret Muslim" if he didn't make religious references during a tragedy like Newtown?  Maybe I should be more outraged like you, but I'm not offended when a President offers religious condolences to likely mostly religious people when they're dealing with grief.


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