Oakland Police Hit On New Way To Reduce Cost Of Veterans

Parody (sort of):

America has hit upon a new way of dealing with its war veterans who have so faithfully served their country.  

"We happened upon this quite by accident but its implications for cost saving to the nation are enormous"

said Oakland Chief of Police

"It has the advantage of being very cost effective, and even that small cost can be billed to the VA people. No more military pensions to pay out, and no more VA healthcare costs. Of course it also means much reduced numbers of homeless because their ranks are formed of the many human souls broken mentally by military service so it an all round win !  I just wish we had thought of shooting them in the head earlier"  

- - - - - 


Read the story here: http://www.commondreams.org/view/2011/10/28-4

If you wish to write to Oakland's interim Police Chief his name is Howard Jordan and express your views you can mail him here ocop@oaklandnet.com.


My best wishes to Scott Olsen, I know how hard it is to come back from serious head injury, I know how awful its going to be so my thoughts are with you.


I gather it is Veterans Day on November 11th in the USA. Have you thought of writing to your local police department to ask them if they are planning on shooting any verterans then ?



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