In a press release today last week, Maryam Namazie formally announced the #nudephotorevolutionary calendar.  As Aliaa Magda Elmahdy chose to stand up against female oppression, we too advocate for free-expression and women’s rights.  This calendar features black and white nude photographs, and I’m Ms. September.  For Maryam’s article announcing the calendar’s release and to purchase a calendar (£12.00) click here.

It is my hope that this calendar will reach out to those who most need to hear our message, and that other viewers will find this to be an artistic and powerful display, and will unite with us in support of free expression and civil liberties. For any concerns/hesitations people may  express about my participation in this calendar/movement,  I’ve addressed it all in a recent blog post.

Here are my responses to the press release questions:

Why did you join the ‘Scream’ and Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar?

There are people who are actively trying to silence, shame, and control women, in this country and abroad.  It is up to those of us who can make an impact, to do so.  My involvement with this calendar has nothing to do with religion, other than it being a stand against those, this time in Islam, that wish to control women; it has everything to do with my values.

I have no shame about my body, and this is a stand against those who fear & despise women and want them to be hidden in society.  If it weren’t for people who took a strong stand against misogyny and for free-expression, we’d still be in an age where showing your ankles was taboo. Look to countries that still practice misogynistic practices, without opposition, they are successful at their attempts to bind and control women.

Why nudity?

The assumption from many detractors of the #nudephotorevolutionary movement is that if one is nude, one is also lewd.  This simply isn’t the case.  Nude representations of the human form can be artistic and powerful, and the pose I have chosen is both.  I don’t have a strong desire to hide my “naughty bits,” because to me, they aren’t “naughty.”  Nudity is natural and normal and it’s only those that seek to control your minds and bodies that fear it.  Our bodies are nothing to be ashamed of. We’re all naked, some of us just have clothes on.

The only negative impact I foresee will be caused by judgmental and misogynistic people reinforcing stereotypes with crude comments- the very people that need to hear the message that women’s bodies are nothing to be ashamed of. This calendar is a tasteful, non-vulgar display of the beauty and strength of women united for free-expression and women’s rights.

Why do you think the calendar is important?

We’re currently facing waves of religious groups calling for ‘religious freedom,’ while trying to restrict everyone else from basic liberties. You can see this today with attacks by the religious ‘right’ against contraception, free-expression, sex-education, marriage equality, and valid science education.  When religion attempts to infiltrate and rule our lives, we’re faced with standing up for our rights or letting theocratic rule control us.

Follow the movement: #nudephotorevolutionary on twitter & at Maryam Namazie’s blog.

Support free-expression & advocate for women’s rights:
Visit Maryam’s blog & Purchase a calendar! £12.00

Calendar – Taghveem:

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‘Like’ Calendar’s Facebook Page – Safheye Facebook e Taghveem

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Comment by Raymond Baker on March 14, 2012 at 7:12am

Let me be the first to broach the expected male perspective and say:

"I wholeheartedly support any free-expression that encourages any women to take off her clothes".

That being said, I have always had many impressions from mainstream feminists movement that  sexually depicting women was somehow demeaning.  Not that I agree with that idea at all, it has much more to do with male preoccupation with sex than subjugating women in my mind.  But nudity itself has been too connected with sex, to the point where nudity is considered family unfriendly by ratings boards and parents alike.  I would like to see more (innuendo intended) open acceptance of nudity as humanistic as the calendar seems to be attempting, opposed to sexual or shameful as our societies current perspective seems to be aligned.

Comment by Raymond Baker on March 14, 2012 at 7:59am

Sorry for double posting, but my last post seemed to be worded as though sexualization of nudity was a bad thing in general. Rather that I would like to see sexuality as an accepted and celebrated aspect of humanity. My point was more that nudity seems to be unfairly coupled with sex and/or shame, where it exists as a constant of our lives apart from its current treatment and taboo (particularly when regarding nations with heavy repression of women).


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