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Chance, randomness, and entropy (The Land Where Women Have No Teeth)
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Date: 2009-02-25, 5:10PM EST

Life-Science has many meanings, one of which is the science and art of living. Yes Gertrude, there is a science behind this existence we experience, and an art form we practice that helps us enhance the science. We make decisions based on known repeatable outcomes: Science. When given a choice of known repeatable outcomes; ideally, we choose the outcome that we feel will benefit our situation best: Art.

The economy is bad: Boo Hoo. I lost my job: Boo Hoo. My kid is smoking reefer: Boo Hoo. My husband left me because I’m a slut: Boo Hoo. I have no money because the economy is so bad that I lost my job, then my husband left me because I got depressed and got slutty outside the marriage, and to deal with it my kid started smoking reefer: Boo Hoo.

Life is hard. If you wake up each morning accepting that simple little tid-bit of useful philosophy, then you have half the battle won already. Life really is what we choose to make it. Sadly, most of us dwell on the science end of life: We have forgotten the art aspect. In short, we exist – not live. We have forgotten how to live. We have lost the child-like excitement we used to have; we have lost the promise and heart-thumping anticipation of experiencing new things. We worry about bills, and car repairs, and family politics, and if our brat son is still smoking reefer, and if our seventeen-year old daughters are out partying and having unprotected sex with some idiot named Jamal.

Life is hard. Change is hard, but change we must in order to evolve as life events present themselves.

There is no manifest destiny for any of us: There is nothing but randomness. John Kennedy had no manifest destiny; it was pure randomness that his life force was developed into the shell that bore that last name, and the privileges that having that name brought. Little Caylee Anthony had no manifest destiny; no preordination, to be murdered at the age of two. It is nothing but chance and randomness. It’s what we do to change that chance and randomness when we reach sentient age that affects our evolution – our personal growth as a human.

Get the fuck over it you bible-thumping, religious fucktards. Fat assed, obese religious women with no teeth. There fucking is no God; there never was a God. It's usually the fucking Christians that will go galloping after "thou shalt nots" commited in this world, they are the ones secretly sucking others dicks when they should be serving their husbands.

More, when the need arises.

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Comment by Rev. Tom Hicks, D.D. on February 27, 2009 at 10:15pm
Christian women gummin' it.
Comment by Scott Ferguson on February 28, 2009 at 3:36am
ok that made my night :-)


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