Noticing all these things recently.

Since coming out last year to my family about being an Atheist I have noticed that there have been more then obvious increases in their religious behavior every time I'm around them. 

For intense, my mother busted out her Bible, which has been at the bottom of a box in the back of her closet for the past 15 years. It now decorates the living room coffee table.

My oldest sister has suddenly discovered that she has taste for any and all angel paintings. So much so that she haphazardly hangs throughout her house. It's almost like she shoved everything already on her walls over throughout the house just so she could squeeze in an angel here and there.

My father miraculously uncovered revelations and apparently the anti Christ, Obama, is preparing us and the end of the world in nigh. He knows it makes me mad when he brings it up which is why it’s a reoccurring topic with him just about ever damned time he calls me.

My oldest brother whom the closest thing to religious that he's owned was the cross on his Gun's N Roses t-shirt now decorates his home with tiny wooden Jesus riding crosses above each and every door. Even the bathroom….  

My adoring aunt who either has a preacher under her sink or she’s been investing in bulk orders holy water, that she lovingly tosses on me from time to time. Unfortunately she has to come up with a new tactic because I now deliberately wear a rain coat when ever she’s going to be around. Hehe, the raincoat even has a little image of a devil on the back.

Now recently my middle sister decided that the whole family should have a group outing... to form stronger bonds and all that warm fuzzy goodness that comes along with family outings… Yeah, by getting re-baptized again. What a JOY is that!

Ahhhh, Family!

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Comment by Sagacious Hawk on April 18, 2012 at 11:39am

You know that thing that guys do when they are insecure about themselves? Go out and by a new car, or fancy, high-powered toy. Bully and antagonize people to feel macho. Get a mistress. All of a sudden our behavior alters to "crazy." Yeah, it's called overcompensating and that's exactly what it sounds like they are doing. Congratulations. You have made them recognize how ridiculous they are being and they remember every time they interact with you. I don't see their actions as antagonistic, but instead as desperately clutching at falsehoods in vain hope.

I'm reminded of a quote: "The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers."

Comment by Mabel on April 18, 2012 at 11:49am

Lawdy! I do not envy you. I love the way you write though. You have a bitter biting humorous style. Hopefully writing will help you cope with all of this craziness. I am curious as to what influences may have caused your family to react in this manner. Do you have any idea?

Comment by Kairan Nierde on April 18, 2012 at 2:24pm

What a trip.  It probably strikes you as annoying but I think your family is adorable.  With your aunt, I would have to invest in a theist-spritz-can though.  Works just as for cats, although one try would probably do the trick.  Heehee.

Comment by Tammy on April 18, 2012 at 9:25pm

@ Mabel, First thank you. I always thought of my writing style as a bit childish so I avoid it most of the time.

As for your question, I'm not all that sure. I post things occasionally on FB, when ever my back window on my car is dirty I write random snippets like "If you know God you should probably seek mental therapy", "100% God Proof" and the only time I say anything is when they say something really stupid or I get holy water to the eye.

The best thing I can come up with is they are insane and can't get over the fact that anyone could just not believe in the same garbage they believe in.

Comment by Tammy on April 18, 2012 at 9:27pm

@ Rich Hugunine, Your very welcome. I tend to joke with a few of my biddies that my annoyances are their entertainment.

Comment by Tammy on April 18, 2012 at 9:36pm

@ Kairan Nierde, It's annoying yeas but what can I do. I love them even if they are skidding a bit further down the intelligence scale of things.That' is pretty funny and I thought about doing something like that many times. Just buying one of those little cheap squirt guns, that way I can spritz her at a distance.

Comment by robert mcbean on April 19, 2012 at 1:38am

that was funny.  my family mostly ignores me.  i was the fundy, now i'm an atheist. they probably wonder what's coming next. all we can do is be true to ourselves.

Comment by Doug Reardon on April 19, 2012 at 1:43am

Surely, you jest.

Comment by Ceci on April 19, 2012 at 4:32am
Tammy, The same thing has happened to me; especially i have noticed that my father is provoking and challenging me as soon as he can about religious arguments (and he is one of those "enlightened catholics"!).
I think that parents use religion as another way to control their sons: the fact that you come up against the fairytale they told you is a clear sign for them that you can think for yourself, a demonstration of mind-rebellion, a threaten to their authority; it's something like "are you seriously calling what i taught you into question???", and yes, they really don't like it.
I think that too many parents aren't grown enough to accept their children's growth.
Comment by Tobie Barb on April 19, 2012 at 5:40am
Sorry that your family should be so hard on you, amusing as it might seem objectively, I can imagine seeing those you love so close minded and deliberately offensive to you is painful but I hope you can find friends who are caring enough to make you feel better about yourself and not obligated to wear a raincoat when they are around.


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