not an exit: your faith is not an exit as there are others around you who still have to endure living with you until you are dead & until that day when you finally go you have to live with the rest of us you cannot simply relinquish your responsibilities & walk towards the light because news flash: the light is not there, no, there is no big red sign over a door that specifically allows you & you alone to run from your troubles you can pump your veins full of everything under the sun but at the end of the day it is going to come back & haunt you because the hell that you wish upon all who do not run to your faith is the one that you currently reside in & quiver when there is no one else around in your deepest, darkest little corner of the world where you are somehow able to disregard everything under the sun churning bumbling twisting shivering rocking back & forth in your fetal & archaic wavering of yesteryear, the train has arrived are you on it or are you still running looking for another way out of this world that you are responsible for just as the rest of us, no more & no less, no one is coming to save you, no one is coming to help you, no book or practitioners thereof will provide any secrets that will allow you advantage over the rest of us, here, we all live together or we all die together, your faith in anything besides humanity itself is absolutely ludicrous & it is certainly not an exit. 

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