I don't have a lot of tolerance for intolerance.

I guess I'm just a bigot in that way.

Homophobia, racism, sexism, nationalism, and the mother-effing grand-daddy of all intolerance, religion. Religion not only perpetuates intolerance, it spends a hefty amount of time and money enforcing it through government officials.

When I hear someone use a homophobic slur, I get quietly offended. When I hear someone say something incredibly racist, I'll speak up and calmly strike down any argument that what was said could ever be acceptable. When I overhear a man talking to a woman and just being a disgusting pile of sexist shit, I get aggravated and will usually defend the wronged party. And nationalism? Fuck off. Seriously.
Being born in a certain country or state doesn't make that country or state automatically the best that ever is, was, or ever will be.

It's just another case of blindly following the crowd. Well, that and the fact that students in my country are forced to "pledge" their "allegiance" to my flag and country on a daily basis from a young age.

And religion? When a person hates, literally HATES, another human being based entirely upon bronze age mythology? That makes my blood boil. I am reminded of John Lennon's "Imagine", because really...it's about time to end this system of bigotry and bribery.

The greatest bribe is one you never have to physically pay up for.

First, if you can get a young child into your church and piled under your dogma for those ever-so-important early years, that child has a high probability of staying in that religion for his or her entire lifetime.
That probability rating increases exponentially when you can KEEP that kid in your church until he or she is an adult. Then of course that now freshly matured adult will carry on and make more babies to indoctrinate and force to go to church, etcetera.

So now you have this huge population of people who live in what can only be described as, constantly terrifying fucking ignorant fear. Let's say you've decided that your deity really isn't fond of a certain sub-culture, form of art, lifestyle, or anything else that your rotting heart desires.

Preach! To the masses! Let your voice be heard so that every man, women, child (and even man-child!) will run home and start writing their newspapers and calling their representatives and expressing their outrage over the fact that NOT EVERYONE LIVES IN A FANTASY WORLD OF IGNORANCE AND DEATH-ANXIETY.

"Holy shit Marge! Pastor done fired me up about that Obamagaytroopsstemcells and damn it if I ain't certain everything I've ever been told is true and righteous! Yeehaw! Grab me some more of 'dem 'der beers! My thinking for the month is OVER! AMERICAH!"

So through basic indoctrination you've recreated your army of mouth-breathers to populate voting booths and copulate more slack-jawed broods.

Your bribe cost you nothing that your congregation did not repay ten fold through that little felt covered tray you make damn sure to pass around at least once per service.

"Give Jesus your money, you will be investing in a perfect society and a brand new Lexus in heaven. That's Lexus, the official car of heaven."

Right? Oh wait, the car the pastor drives doesn't come straight down from heaven?
But, doesn't the church get all sorts of tax breaks and allowances to buy their pastors cars, homes, and pay their salary without employment taxes? I guess I must have mistaken bullshit American tax breaks for miraculous gifts from the heavens.

It never ceases to astonish me how much god is so very much like the men who claim they speak for him. Arrogant, jealous, and most of all, affected by HUMAN interaction. If one truly believes that prayer works, or that god sheds a tear for every stillborn then one truly believes that god is affected by mortals.

By definition a god or god's cannot have human flaws like jealousy and arrogance. And logically, how would a divine being with a definitive and divine plan be able to allow alterations to that plan based upon human events?

Either it's a perfect divine plan, or it's not.

If a god says, "I have a divine plan" and then just wings it from there on that's not really much of a plan, let alone DIVINE.

It's even more laughable when that same god says he needs to sacrifice a son-like-form of himself, to himself, so that he, himself, could forgive the people he created himself for doing things that he himself planned on them doing in the first place.

Wait, give me a moment...I fear that the overwhelming stupidity of that last sentence might have given me an aneurysm. Pile on top of that the fact that the majority of the population of the country I live in not only believes that last sentence, but they also base serious real world decisions upon it that affect me and my family...I think my left side has gone completely numb.

...Okay, maybe I'm over-reacting. Maybe the apologists are right and we should all just live as one big happy family of different views and gods.

Just one problem. Muslims, Jews, and Christians, historically and presently, are not really known for their ability to live in peace.

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Comment by Lord Gaytheist on June 7, 2011 at 8:20am
I couldn't agree more with you! It's funny and dangerous how we are asked to accept some aspects of intolerance, especially those coming from religious groups on the basis of respecting others and their beliefs. This hypocrisy has got to stop! Intolerance should be condemned and rejected!


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