No Longer Worth The Trouble To Tell My Mom

Previously I posted a blog and mentioned that I was going to tell my mom about My Atheism. Well When I went out to see her over the weekend, I decided it was no longer worth the trouble to tell her. 

My Mother, has never really been a good mom. She really doesn't even deserve to have that title. I'm her only biological child, she has three step kids, my half siblings, and she treats all of them better than myself. I lived with her up until my senior year of high school (class of 10' bitches!!!) then I decidedI had enough of her shit and moved in with my dad. Nothing I ever did was good enough for her. I got amazing grades --made the honor roll-- became section leader of the drum line, took care of her when she left my stepdad --stupid move on her part-- and always made sure that the step kids she raised; remembered her birthday, mothers days, and any other holidays in which they should call her on. I was a good daughter, I still am. But It wasn't good enough for her. She shunned me, saying i was such a bad daughter that I made her want to kill herself, when all I ever did was be the adult and take care of her --especially when she was drunk, which was about 98% of the time. In four years of being in both marching and concert band, she went to maybe 5 shows. My dad who lived 45 minutes away, only missed about 5. My step father, even after my mom left him, went to more games than my mother. She wouldn't even show up to my last performance, parents night, in which the parents got to go on the football field and stand with their kids.

She wouldn't go to anything for me being on drum line, but oh did she support my brother Jeff. I understand that being a Marine is a very amazing thing, and I am so proud of my big brother for being one. The problem is though, is that my mother had her head stuck so far up the Marine Corps ass that she forgot about her ONLY biological kid, not supporting me in anything. 

So now, after an evening of her getting so excited about my brother visiting her --we went pretty much together to see her-- and introducing him like, "oh my god! This is my Marine Machine you Got to meet my Marine Machine!!" (by the way my brother is no longer a Marine and hasn't been for the past four months?) and then introducing me like, "oh..this is my daughter..." In a far less excited voice, I have decided that she is not worth it. I have decided she no longer deserves to know shit about my life. 

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Comment by Walter Maki on April 27, 2011 at 12:11am
I do not blame you. You tried and she failed. It is sad but if there isn't any real emotional bond then you are probably better off to go your own way.


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