What are some of the things in your life that make you happy? What are the greatest joys in your life? What gives you the greatest sense of achievement, and what are the moments in your life that you remember as the most important ones? Does religion play a part in any of these moments, feelings or personal possessions? Because according to many religious folk, the greatest thing in their life is their faith in God. This troubles me.

To many, their belief in God, afterlife and eternity is what they claim spurs them on in life, and also gives them a sense of moral guidance. Some even claim that without this they would simply give up hope, kill themselves or go on a murderous rampage across their neighbourhood. "How can you possibly go on without believing in God?" they ask, as if their faith is in an indisputable fact. "If there were no God, there's be nothing to stop me from killing people for fun!" These are statements I have seen thrown about time and time again by pious individuals, who use this as their last-ditch justification for their belief in a higher power. They claim that by the mere existence of God that order is maintained in their lives, and that their belief in this God makes them better people.

To this I say "Puh-shaw!" I have lived my entire life without a concrete belief in God, and more than half my life using my brain and experience to discover that the God these people worship does not exist. What really gets me is that people claim that you have to have God in your life to feel fulfilled. I lead a pretty simple life, I love my partner, my home and family, I relish moments of feeling appreciated, I like a good book now and then, I cook, garden and climb rock-faces for fun, and I feel quite fulfilled thank you very much. Who are you to tell me that my life could be better if I accept Jesus or Allah, or any other of the many Gods people claim to worship?

Religion tells me that while I may have a good life here on earth, if I don't worship some kind of God that when I die that will be the end of it. This is exactly how I want it to be, and sorry to tell you this religious folk, in all probability, this is the way it will be for all of us. It is this fact that makes me strive for betterment in this life, not the promise of afterlife or being reunited with my loved ones. That is a fruitless pursuit, for as I understand it the only reuniting I'll be doing is in the ground with those who have died before me.

So you need a God to tell you that slavery, murder and rape is wrong? This makes you a better person? Well I am glad you have God then, because with that attitude you'd be quite the unsavoury character if you didn't have God. Yet you continue to preach hatred toward other people for their life choices, people of different sexual orientations to you, people of other religions, and most of all women. If this is the way your life is guided by religion, then excuse me for not taking part in it. The laws you follow and call your morality are nothing but an excuse for you to hate others that are different from you. You claim it's the law of God, yet you pick and choose which laws you follow because some of them might not seem right to you? Well I can tell you that I also follow some of the 10 commandments, the ones that matter to the well-being of others, and not the ones that tell me to bow down before doctrine. This is not because God made the laws, this is because man devised a system that best suits a peaceful existence. To kill someone else is wrong, not because "Thou shalt not", but because it hurts others, it damages people's lives, and it is a completely selfish act. Don't tell me that you don't kill because God forbade it, the truth of the matter is you wouldn't kill because you have empathy for others and can understand what killing someone would  mean to their families, friends and their community.

Once you realise that your God is not the guide of your morals, but instead your humanity, the quicker you will see that people are all the same. We all need love, food, comfort, shelter and we all want to procreate. Next time you go bashing on people about their lives, why don't you look at yourself first and see what really matters in your life. If you, like me, have a life that is fulfilling without God, then great, keep it up. If however your life really would be empty without God, then I say you should look at improving your life and filling it with things that matter to you, really matter to you. Knowledge, love and life are not evil. The only evil this world holds is in the minds of those who would harm others needlessly.

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