Atheists,(people who don't believe in a God.)?

#1. How do you go day by day living knowing one day you'll die and you'll have nothing to look forward to, just be dead?

#2. What do you believe will happen to you when your dead? Will that just be it?

#3. Do you really think our ancestors were monkeys? (explain why?)

#4. Explain- Evolution? how did apes evolve?

#5.  Are you afraid that you were born in this world to die alone example: you lived a beautiful life in which you built over the years from learning new things helping others out, struggles, having beautiful children building a life for you and your family but then all of what you built was for nothing because once you die that's the end of your life.

#6. Do you believe there are aliens?

#7.  Do you believe there's ghosts?

#8. Do you believe that there is some type of God out there? (Why? Why not?)

#9. Why are you an Atheist?  Why do you NOT believe in God?  Why would you reject God ? 

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Comment by Alexander Jason Cherry on July 31, 2012 at 12:48pm

1. Easily. It's actually very comforting, to me at least. How do you go day by day knowing you're looking forward to a monotonous eternal existence of either praise (heaven) or punishment (hell)? 

2. You know what happens to a computer program when you shut the computer off? The hardware is still there, but the program isn't happening anymore. That's what'll happen to me. My hardware will be there, and will decay. My software will have stopped running.

3. No. Primates, yes. Monkeys, unlikely. Explaining why requires much more text and scientific understanding than is available in a comment, so I will not. There's numerous documentation and publications out there that justify this stance.

4. See answer to #3. 

5. Why would that frighten me? I am aware that I was born, and will die alone, yes. 

6. Aliens in terms of life on other planets? Most likely.  Aliens in terms of life that has visited us? Very unlikely.

7. I do not, but I know many atheists that do.

8. Nope. But why ask this question to people who you are defining as someone who doesn't believe that there is some type of God out there?

Why do I not believe that there is some type of God out there? A lack of any kind of convincing evidence. At the very least there's no God that consciously intervenes in our affairs. 

9. Doesn't this just repeat #8? but I'll answer part of it anyway:  Why would I reject God?

Read the Bible. Yahweh is an asshole, and Jesus isn't much better. Plus a lack of any substantial intervention since then. If there were proof that there were a God in the Biblical sense, I would acknowledge his exisetnce. However, I believe he does not deserve worship, because there's no good reason in the holy books to convince me of this, either.

Comment by Heather Spoonheim on July 31, 2012 at 12:57pm

1.) I live each day knowing that my life is precious to me and I only get one shot at it.  If I were a Christian, there would be no point in getting out of bed.

2.) Yes, I'll be dead - that's what being dead means.

3.) Our DNA reveals, conclusively, that our ancestors were indeed monkeys, at least a very early type of monkey.

4.) Take a biology class.

5.) I will die surrounded by whatever support network that I have created.

6.) I think it is likely that there is life elsewhere in our cosmos, if that is what you mean.

7.) No, there isn't a shred of evidence for 'ghosts' and all claims that have been investigated have revealed no ghosts.

8.) No - I have seen no evidence of a god, and all the gods of which I've heard have turned out to be bogus, superstitious claims.

9.) See #9.

Comment by Reg The Fronkey Farmer on July 31, 2012 at 1:05pm

Q1. I live each day to the fullest that I can. I am aware that I will be dead before the year 2065 and more likely before 2050. I do not care about that as it is meaningless to me. I will be unaware of it. It will feel like what the year 1850 felt like to me. All religions promise an afterlife. As an adult I find it impossible to believe that after I die I will “Go” somewhere forever. I have no wish for a Heaven and do not want to be around in the year 2050984573278. Christians living today claim they will be but I find that unbelievable. The finality of death is real but that makes my day to day life all the more interesting. My fear of death is gone. It went years ago when I got rid of my religion which kept it false promise of immortality from allowing me to consider otherwise.
Q2. I “believe” nothing other than my atoms will be recycled. Anyone who tells you that they definitely know what happens is being dishonest. Do not let them see your wallet.
Q3. Humans are one branch of the tree of life that also has branches for chimps and other primates on it. They are unique branches. We did not descend from them. We share a common ancestry with all other life.
Q4. I would recommend reading a book on it. Dawkins “The Greatest Show on Earth” is a good starter. Otherwise I would nearly have to write one to explain it. Most Christians “post and run” so I rather you reply by telling us what you think “Evolution” is.
Q5. A bit like Q1. The important thing in life is not what the destination looks like but the beauty and joy discovered while making your way to it. Be happy today.
Q6. There probably is alien life out there. I would be thinking along the lines of bacteria or molecular entities that can live in hostile environments rather than E.T. types. Imagine if we found alien life. Imagine if we never do.
Q7. No.
Q8. No. There is no evidence. All the arguments offered are debunked. Science offers more realistic answers. It is because I do not believe in the existence of gods that I do not believe in one.
Q9. I do not believe in any god. It is a meaningless concept to me. I no more consider there to be a god, especially the Christian god, than I do a Unicorn on Mars. I do not reject your god. I cannot reject something that does not exist for me.

Comment by Tom Holm on July 31, 2012 at 3:25pm

these questions are irrelevant and trollish and this post should be taken down. just my opinion. i mean really? asking an atheist if they think there is any kind of god out there? i dont know about the rest but the last thing i believe is the existence of any god in the universe.

Comment by Anastasia Collins on July 31, 2012 at 4:01pm

this is really silly, but:

Q1 & Q2 are essentially the same, so: As my extremely intelligent grandmother says anytime anyone ever asks her if she's worried about something (i.e., money issues, what happens when you die, if sky diving is too dangerous for a woman over 80), she answers, "I'll worry when I'm dead". My grandmother is an atheist.  I hope this helps answer your first two questions.

Q3: Our ancestors were not monkeys, that is ridiculous and funny to think about.  They were primitive humans, which evolved through natural selection, a process which is still happening to this day!  Look up the average height for men and woman in the 1700's compared with today for a simple and transient example of evolution.

Q4:  All creatures evolve through natural selection.  Its pretty simple and not only makes sense, but there is actual scientific proof.  And before I hear, "the theory of evolution is simply a theory", so is gravity but I dont see anyone attempting to disprove that :)

Q5:  This is just a selfish question.  Why does everything I do in life only have to benefit myself? Why can't I do it for others?

Q6:  I suppose but not the type that hollywood creates.

Q7: Again, not the popular type.  I do not think that there is an afterlife or spirits that remain, but I do think we are capable of creating waves in invisible magnetic fields that resonate after our death, but I do not think that is "ghosts" or "spirits', just an aspect of physics we dont yet understand

Q8:  No.  I have seen too many terrible things done in the name of a "god" to believe that one could exist.  Humans have the capacity for both good and evil, because our brains are wired that way. 

Q9:  I am an atheist because I love humans more than I love a ficitional sky fairy.

Comment by Heather Spoonheim on July 31, 2012 at 4:46pm


I know what you mean, Tom, but some theists are so thoroughly brainwashed from childhood that they honestly can't imagine life without an imaginary friend.  Her questions reveal a lot about theism, and just how hollow and pointless her life would be without theistic beliefs.  This is why it is so hard for them to break free - theism retards emotional development and leaves them without the tools necessary to face reality.  We should welcome her questions if for no other reason than to see the harm cult indoctrination can do.

Comment by Logicallunatic on July 31, 2012 at 5:20pm

1. It does not bother me. What is wrong with "just being dead" anyway? When you die you return to the state of non-existence before your conception. Does that state bother you?

2. See 1.

3. All living things are cousins of one another on a family tree. Our closest cousin is the chimp. Gene sequencing has proven the we evolved from apes and we are in fact still apes.
Human chromosome 2 is a fusion of 2 ape chromosomes. The human and chimp genomes, which diverged just 6 million years ago, are about 98 per cent identical.

4. Through gradual steps. The mechanism for most (but not all) of evolution is natural selection. There are basically six parts: evolution, gradualism, speciation, common ancestry, natural selection and non selective parts of evolutionary change.  Read a book -  or go to wikipedia and put in evolution.

5. See 1. It is not "for nothing". Whether there is a god or not, we are extremely lucky to be alive thus we should savour every moment as it is the only life that actually exists.

6. Yes, I think the universe is so big that there must be life out there.

7. No. Ghost claims have been shown to be bunk over and over again. Don't you think we would have conclusive proof by now if they actually existed?

8. No, no good reason to believe and no good evidence.

9. I thought about it logically.

Comment by Arcus on July 31, 2012 at 5:31pm

1. I do it day by day, just as you do. The only difference between us, apparently, is that I'm not exactly looking forward to the day.

2. Yea, exactly that. That's it, like the end of a movie. Fin.

3. No.

4. See: Middle school biology curriculum.

5. I'm not afraid of it, I will die alone like everybody else. It's not a communal experience.

6. I believe it to be likely that intelligent life exist somewhere else in the universe, but I have no evidence apart from our own existence, thus it is only a belief

7. No.

8. No. Doesn't make any sense, much like flying spaghetti monsters or pink unicorns.

9. a) Because I find theisms premises silly. b) I do not believe in things which I find to be silly and which just asks me to trust the silliness without evidence. c) I would reject anything that's silly to me.

Comment by Reg The Fronkey Farmer on July 31, 2012 at 5:47pm

This video might help answering Q4.

Comment by kris feenstra on July 31, 2012 at 5:48pm

Eh, why not?  I'm going to bet my answers are similar to many others who will play along.

#1. Life itself, in the present, is interesting and enjoyable.  I can take something and enjoy it for what it is without having to add magic, safety nets, or stretching it out for all eternity.  Ephemerality actually adds value because we are talking about something that comes in limited supply.

#2. When I die, I will cease to exist as an individual.  My body will decompose or be burned.  Abstract notions such as people's memories of me or the impacts of the way I lived my life will carry forward for a little while and then dissolve to the point that 'Kris Feenstra' ceases to exist even conceptually.

#3. No, not monkeys.  Monkeys and humans do have a common ancestor somewhere along the line.  I'd have to look up what that common ancestor is currently believed to be.

#4. That's too big to cover here.  Perfect stability in genetic inheritance doesn't exist, and there is a long list of observed phenomena that impact change.  It is a mathematical impossibility that a species can carry forward indefinitely without evolving to some extent.  

As for the evolution of apes, the specific paths aren't precisely clear, but if you truly cared to know, you could look op the mapped out evolutionary paths yourself.  Hardly anyone knows that all off the top of their head, especially since you're talking about quite a number of different species.  

When it comes to humans, it is important to note a couple of things.  i) We still are classified as apes.  ii) Speciation and sub-speciation doesn't happen in abrupt splits.  While species may look cleanly separated when looking at an evolutionary tree,  divergences can occur over long periods of time where interbreeding may still occur to some extent.  This is quite possible true of homo sapiens sapiens, which according to multiregional origin hypothesis, evolved from homo erectus in regional groups.  If the isolation between those groups had been more firm, what we sloppily refer to as race these days could have resulted in different subspecies, and possibly even different species.  Seems unlikely now though. 

#5.  No.  As with answer number one, I enjoy the present for what it is.  While I strive for a good future, I don't take it for granted that I am owed one or that it will happen.  Reality isn't always nice, but that doesn't justify running away from it.  I'd rather just put it into perspective.

#6. It seems probable that extraterrestrial life exists.  It seems less probable that extraterrestrial life has intentionally travelled to Earth in a sci fi movie sort of way.

#7.  No, not outside of metaphor or illusions.

#8, 9. I do not believe in gods.  I am an atheist.  There are potentially infinite things that could exist if we did not concern ourselves with evidence. Inside the category of 'things' are potentially and infinite number of gods.  It would take an infinite amount of time to dismiss each and every one on an individual basis.  As we've established, I don't have an infinite amount of time.  Instead of trying to disprove every unevidenced thing that may or may not exist, it is much simpler to navigate the universe based on things that are evidenced to exist.  When it comes to specific deities, I have yet to hear a compelling case as to why any of them should be taken as true.  Compounding matters, gods like the Christian deity are not coherently presented, seem to offer poor or incorrect explanations for various phenomena, and bear hallmarks of anthropic perspective.  The simpler explanations is, we made that shit up.  I love make-believe, but I'm not going to intentionally base my life on it just to make myself feel better.


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