Nice people say the stupidest shit.

Went to a local annual motorcycle event yesterday to take in the sights and sounds. Wonderfully cool for August BTW. I was talking to a couple fellows from 'off' and we were discussing the local rides that are great for motorcycling. Then I warned them about one particular road that has a habit of devouring riders who can't cope with it's demanding off camber turns and such. I mentioned that each year usually one or more riders become a fatality on this particular route. One of them responded about a friend who had died when a 'cager' had pulled out in front of them and they t-boned the vehicle dying on impact. He said the Lord took him right then and there. My cognitive processes are clicking along taking in the stories offered by these friendly strangers when, WHAM, they say something totally incoherent. The idea that an individual would need to experience the incredible pain of severe head trauma and broken limbs to 'meet their maker' is mind-boggling when instead their gawd could of snapped it's onmipotent fingers and prevented the event from ever happening at all. Even though you have never meant these people before you want to mention the incongruity of their thought. Humans say the dumbest things and never realize just how crazy it really sounds to the ears of a freethinker.

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Comment by Ed on August 19, 2013 at 8:54am

@ Dr Bob

The line of reasoning is that the god that these theists worship is one of compassion and has a personal relationship with each of his followers. Kind of like the relationship he had with my uncle and younger cousin. My uncle backed up in his driveway with his vehicle and unknowingly ran over my cousin of about three years old, killing her instantly. That's an example of compassion and being there when you need him/her/it. [sarcasm]



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