The Ancestor's Trail (see also the Think Atheist events page) was inspired by Richard Dawkins’ book the 'Ancestor's Tale' and combines atheism, biodiversity, walking and evolution. Effectively it is a secular pilgrimage celebrating our shared ancestry with all life. This is the second Trail but the event remains at a vulnerable stage. Currently the event is 'booking' (see below) but things are not looking good so far. Consequently this is an appeal for support from all you non believers who, even if you can't come, would like to see the project grow.   


It is located in Somerset, UK on 29th/30th of May 2011and inevitably most of you will live too far away to attend, but you can still support us through investing in our pitch. The idea has already spawned a similar Trail in Canada near Toronto and I am currently researching a second UK Trail in North Yorkshire. However, we have no external funding and are a very small group. Consequently, we need to secure advance funding (see the pitch below) to get the show on the road and, as you'll see, this is seriously in question. So, if you would like to help put this event on the map(s) please invest in our 'Crowdfunder pitch'. Investment will allow you to either secure your ticket to attend on the day OR invest as a non attender. If you choose this latter option, we will send you through a video of the day's events including speakers, music and rendezvous guests and, depending on your investment, some Ancestor's Trail merchandise. 


What you will help make happen through investing: Simultaneously a number of disparately located walking groups will begin trails that eventually coalesce, depicting the story of evolution in reverse. The number of walkers following the trail will gradually swell as tributary groups, representing the various branches the tree of life, merge with the main body of walkers. Eventually, the ever-increasing band of hikers will arrive together at a fossil strewn beach, where we will celebrate life's 3.7 billionth birthday with what has to be the most spectacularly belated birthday party of all time! This will include acts such as the BHA choir, Jonny Berliner (of Green Man festival fame), a blues band and an atheist/science speaker.   

Many other atheist / humanist groups came last year from as far as London, Wales and across the South West region and Canada (specifically the awesome evolutionary rap artist Baba Brinkman). Assuming we get the numbers investing, we can also offer camping / accommodation in a holiday park right beside the sea.


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