I ran across this article Why I Don’t Believe in the New Atheism this morning. I have joined Wikipedia as an editor, and was reading the article on "New Atheism " after becoming part of the WikiProject Atheism, and the article was cited.

Anyway, Tom Flynn argues that there's nothing 'new' about "new atheism" other than the fact that major publishers are printing it. I'm not entirely certain I agree, but he does have a point. Much of the pertinent information published as "new atheism" is the same as "old atheism" but a different audience has been exposed to it. Personally, if new atheism is defined as being somewhat in-your-face and unapologetically vocal, and showing no deference to religious beliefs as somehow above criticism because of the supposed need for "tolerance", then I've been a new atheist for around 35 years. 

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Comment by All And One on January 22, 2012 at 10:25am

Tom is interested in the experience of nothing happening not the same as before. This can be described as the experience of peace or united understanding. It can also be said of the experience of love when areas of life are doing what is added to. It is also included in what is the experience of celebration which is felt when your are knowing completely about an interest that can be seen, done or talked about completely.

Barry, You can understand either what is and will be interesting to you perpetually or what is able to be received to your nervous system that is not able to be communicated fully when you are only aware and experiencing at locations of your whole existence area. The latter, integration with nervous system communication, causes the experience of "there is something happening not the same as before" like you would see on a sparking MRI and with fiber optics (and this sparking or fire works exists in other places). What is the universal nervous system is able to understand the experience of united interest to an existence area when it understands appreciation (this is also a state of being some use the words celebration, glory, hallelujah).

Life does and says what it understands completely first coming from images (whole pictures) forever.


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