Well, just a short piece I wrote in response to something on ThinkingAloud.

I remember when I first got my apartment in the US. It was a crappy one, but had a shedload of land on it for walks, and relaxing, not to mention it was safe for my ferocious Mr Schmo to go out and sort out the local wildlife. My apartment was in a row of three, and next to my gaff was this weird redneck fellow who was a bit of a drunk, and an arsehole. His gaff was an utter pit, but I used to sit out front and offer him beer, and we'd chat away about sport, the weather, and just chew the fat. Anyway, one day we were chatting about something, and I mentioned I was an atheist. Well fuck me with a broom sideways, the guy changed instantly.

He accused me of being the reason America was going down the tubes, and was on the verge of getting fisty, (not in an anal way, in a knuckle-face interface type of way). Anyway, I managed to calm the inbred freak down, (I'm not a small fella), and the guy stormed off kicking stuff, etc. I never spoke to him for over a year.... PURELY because I never happened to believe in whatever faith he had. I think it was made worse because I had no faith at all. Is that worse than simply being with another religion? In the US, it would seem so.

From that moment on, I seldom told people I was an atheist, unless I knew them well. I think some folks in the US are a little backwards like that, and I must say they do tend to be the far right, staunch republicans, (not all, just some). I think their ideal land to live in would be a theocracy based entirely around Christianity, and yet their sworn enemies that all they prattle on about is Saudi Arabia, N. Korea, etc, which are the antithesis of what they want, isn’t it? Do they want to live in a country where intolerance is utterly mainstream, and it is essentially a dictatorship? That seems very un-American. I remember a poll that mentioned that Atheists are the most untrusted group in the US... That to me is scary indeed. Are Americans that shallow? Being a European, I had never felt the anger like that purely because of my belief, or lack of. Peculiar people.

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Comment by Gaytor on November 8, 2010 at 5:18pm
This experience is largely based on age for me. If the person is younger, they may be put off by it, but it isn't a conversation ender. With older people that I don't really know, I would feel out the ground before I check to see if it were quicksand. Talk about science. Maybe elude to the Big Bang. Crack a joke about priests or churches and see the level of laughter. Maybe this is the training that I got to go through growing up in the US. I do have to say that in the movie Angels and Demons Tom Hanks says it in a very gentle way that should leave the doors open. Paraphrasing, "Faith is a gift that I have not yet received." If that doesn't leave the door open then the problem certainly isn't with you.
Comment by Jon Heim on November 8, 2010 at 5:33pm
I only tell people who are very close to me that I am an atheist. My parents despise me, and when I DO tell someone, i wait a very long time.

Is that worse than simply being with another religion?
Yes. from experience I believe this one hundred percent.

oh and I love how the guy couldn't tell, he thought you were a great person until religion was on the table. then of course he always knew you were evil. lol

and yes....In America, atheism is not only a minority, but also "evil", "un American" and "what is wrong with the world".

you are completely right when you say that they would rather a Christianity inspired dictatorship.

people get a little bit of freedom and they are screaming that the anti christ is taking over. lol
Comment by M on November 8, 2010 at 8:57pm
I'm fascinated that a drunk redneck blames atheists for America going downhill. Did you go grab him a mirror?


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