I live with my husband in a paid for home. A crappy 1986 doublewide with plumbing issues.  This 2.5 acre property was once a 15 acre three family "compound" later split up and sold. We bought it 2005.


I'm in the middle. My neighbors are Pentacostal. To the right of me and to the left of me. They are the best neighbors I have ever had. Concerned but not nosy. Helpful but not intrusive. But they are Pentcostal. I don't imagine many of you need a detailed description of that particular form of the fantasy.


My West Neighbor is probably the most wise woman I have ever encountered. She is determined that I will rapture with her and my East neighbors.


My East neighbor is mostly away. Gets her conversion vibe on just once in awhile. We were talking outside and she asked me...


"Have you ever wondered why God put you between two Pentacostals? Maybe He's trying to tell you something."

 I was speechless for a bit. Then THIS came blabbing out of my mouth...

 "Have you ever wondered why your god put me in the middle? Maybe he's telling you something"


Oh, it was ON baby. In that kind, easy sort of way we had all come to operate in.


I have a small farm for food production, selling eggs, produce in season and alternative protiens when available. I sell within a black market food community. It works and the farm earns it's keep. Provides a tasty tax deduction too.


Last week I was working in the unexpectedly prolific tomato garden. Working manure in by hand, pulling the weeds that were stupid enought to sprout in my garden. My bare hands were filthy to the wrist with manure, purchased organic as well as the manure from my chickens and rabbits. While working, my West Neighbor walked over for a good chat over the fence. A quaint sort of communication, but I really like 'em. I worked, she talked.


There was a lull in the conversation as we were eating the sweet cherry tomatos right off the vine (organic of course). You just nip the botton with your teeth, salt it and munch away. I keep a small saltshaker in my pocket for just this purpose. She paused between bites and this is what she said...


"God has surely blessed your gardens. Can't you just see the work of His hands?

With my muck coated hands and dirt packed under my nails I raised them, holding the palms up.

"The only hands I see working in my gardens are these hands."


Gracefully she changed the subject to the new baby chicks my hens had just hatched. She brought treats for my dog and they were much appreciated by LadyBug.


I am becoming more and more concerned at the power these christians are wielding, I have unearthed my ancient copy of The Handmaids Tale and it is so very close to just what is occuring now. Sure wish Hollywood did a good re-make this, and get it out there. Most folks in America think fundamental christians are fringe dwellers and will settle down in time. I'm not so sure of that.


Oh and, thank you, but no... I appreciate your immediate thoughts of ways to deal with them. But no, I've got that figured out already.


But I'd like to hear what ya'll have to say on the subject of neighbors. There have got to be a few really good stories. Apartment dwellers? Suburban, or city neighborhoods?


Not about family or co-workers or just random encouters with this sort of christian, there's threads for those, yes?


I'm planning on publishing this to OpEd News and Open Salon where I already have author's pages. What I would like to do is make a series of posts with quotes from comments you make. Just to see where it goes. There is a lot of interest in the non-godly at moment. Let's get our opinions out there. We live and a far right state. We MUST have stories to tell.


I will also share the input from the irrational-paranoid-fear of god people. I suspect there will be humour and ample opportunity to mock.


Just an old lady learning to feed herself.

Faith (ironic yes?) Carr

North Central Florida




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Comment by Allen Sneed on June 2, 2011 at 11:44am
Hey Faith, no stories of neighbors per se, but I love your writing style.
Comment by anti_supernaturalist on June 2, 2011 at 3:52pm
Old King Troll nursed a nasty old soul

Theist responders usually have a sullen, vicious, and afflicted mind set common among brown bears.
When you engage in direct action against christo-trolls on-line, best do it under a name not your own. Use more than one email address dedicated to posting only. If someone hacks your dedicated address, cancel that account immediately.

Provoking trolls presents a no-win game. Ideology overrides being a reasonable person. There is an entire branch of xian illogic designed over millennia to rebut any criticism -- apologetics.

See the pseudo-intellectual garbage on CARM: xian apologetics and research ministry -- "research ministry" -- oxymoronic morons.  http://carm.org/

The xian supernaturalism can not be refuted. It can only be dismantled. It must be replaced by a healthy understanding of reality. To that end, see Michel Onfray, Atheist Manifesto (2006)

the anti_supernaturalist
Comment by Faith Carr on June 2, 2011 at 4:02pm

Wow! Thank you. I had already given some thought. And decided to go ahead. If you're interested, you can google me.

I've been a political activist until recently. Lot's of people didn't like what I had to say.

I expect to get the trollists up in arms.

The political trolls always gave me some good beatings.

This will be a true learning moment for me. If it gets too nasty,  I'll simply edit the post to read:  I give up. Tell me what sort of christian you'd like me to be.

Turn off comments and delete the post.


Sure it will live on, but have no expectations like all else it will drift away.

Comment by AntiChristianLeague on June 2, 2011 at 6:59pm

Excellent post, Faith. Stick to your beliefs and don't let the fundies get you down! Of course, you probably knew that already. :)


Regarding religious neighbors... I have no doubt that the majority of my neighbors are at least somewhat religious, but I rarely if ever interact with any of them. I am extremely asocial in person.


Comment by Chuck B. on June 2, 2011 at 11:42pm

Don't really talk to my neighbors.  However I do go to coffee often in the mornings if I'm not working.  Most the people there aren't really fundies, but are believers.  It's pretty much the bible's right you're wrong end of discussion.  Some of them are REAL deep thinkers. lol.  Your usual  xenophobic, homophobic, racist BS.


The latest discussion I had was with a hillbilly gentleman who said he'd kill all the gays if he could cause the bible said it's wrong.  I said "If God didn't want them around then why did he create them?"  That confused him and he basically said I don't care. 

Then we got on the topic of carbon dating somehow which he first called carbonation, which I laughed out loud at.    He said they've proved that it isn't accurate and is fake.  I asked "Where'd you hear that Fox news?"  The guy doesn't even know the name of the thing he is saying is fake yet will gladly regurgitate what he's heard with no investigation.

I've realized you can't use logic with indoctrinated stubborn folks. 



Comment by Faith Carr on June 3, 2011 at 6:39am

Logic is indeed pointless. I guess I got tired of quietly nodding my head and making xian sounding noise.

Makes me cranky trying to be so freakin' nice to them.


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