I haven't felt angry in a while, I mean I've been annoyed and stuff, but nothing has really poked at the white hot rage center in about two months.

Except this one thing...

My mother is living with us until later this month, how this came about is a long convoluted story, but ultimately she is living in the house my husband and I are paying rent on.

I have a three year old son, and he is simply fantastic, he's bright and funny and loving. I am constantly amazed at his skills of observation and learning.

For the time being he and my mother are sharing a room.

The other day I heard my three year old reciting the "Lord's Prayer."

Where the fuck she gets off is a mystery to me. 

See, I'm no longer in the closet about my atheism, which means that EVERYTHING I say and do comes under very petty scrutiny by my mother.

I have an interest in science, so I mention a study about how the human mind stops reacting to a word if it is overused, I also wondered out loud to my husband (the person I was conversing with) that recognizing that cause and effect could explain why so many religions have taboos in place against casual usage of the names of prophets and gods. My mother interjects that god himself knew our brains worked that way and that is why he gave us that commandment.

I try to be tactful, but I can't ignore stupidity, I spouted out, "That's dumb, why didn't he just make our brains work differently then?"

It wouldn't have affected free will to make our brains register things differently, so that trigger, religiously speaking, makes no sense.

Evolutionarily though, man! It makes way more sense that a group of slow monkeys would develop in their brains a way to filter out constant noise from new and sudden sounds. 1. We aren't driven mad by CONSTANTLY focusing on the little noises all around us, and 2. We can tell when something is amiss.

She rolled her eyes and muttered some very uneducated and trite crap, I think it was along the lines of, "God is good and made us that way."

But this isn't about my mother acting like science is a swear word. This is about her teaching my baby this mythological horseshit.

My husband has encouraged me to hold back my rage, she'll be moving to another state soon and then we can erase the damage.

Her audacity still offends me though, and the fact that she is trying to indoctrinate my kid is damaging a relationship that doesn't have many hits left in it.

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