One week ago today after getting home from work I decided to take care a few things around the yard followed by wrestling the spare tire from under the minivan to change a flat. Then it hit, my chest hurt rapid heart rate shortness of breath so I went into the the house. I sat in a the chair while my family asked I I thought I was having a heart attack? I said I don't know, this wasn't passing quickly like a few other times I had simular but not as strong feelings. After 20 minutes I decided to let my wife call an ambulance. Once they arrived they got me hooked to the EKG so the paramedic who came shortly after didn't even read the sheet. She just looked at the display and said get him out here now. Next thing you know I was loaded and hauled over to where the "Life Flight" helicopter could take me to Tucson which over 100 miles from where I live. All during this I was really scared to die not knowing if there was something or nothing out there. I did not break down to old christian habits such as praying because I felt nothing outside of myself.

   During my flight I focused on my breathing while being fixated on a knob and switch just above my head which seemed to help. Once I arrived at the hospital my sense of time and memory were sketchy. I remember being told that I just had a very major heart attack and they put two stents on one vessel that was 100% blocked. But I still need to get another stent on my left side which is still 80% blocked. Had a good number of visitors who told I do not even look like I have anything wrong with me. I just took with a grain of salt (bad idea now lol) all the ones who said or text to me and my wife that they would be praying for me. In my weakened state that was not the time for a debate.

Just for the record I saw no bright lights or unexplained feelings or voices while I was at death's door. 

I say this in regards to a comment one of the lab techs said when they were going to try to put (which they did not) the last stent in the following day. He said, "How does it feel now since you were pushing tombstones yesterday?"

I was released from the hospital this past Wednesday.

   The skilled hands of all those involved along with my very strong will to live is what I thank for still being alive.

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Comment by Heather Spoonheim on January 28, 2012 at 10:12pm

We aren't done with you either, Walt - keep giving 'em hell!


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