I must confess, I've never written down my thoughts before. This being my first will make it a learning experience.

When I consider where I've come from and what I've endured in life, I count my many blessings for the creative mindset that's brought me to where I am today. It's funny, I don't recall ever having a thought that wasn't followed by a somehow more logical second opinion. I have yet to discover a problem that cannot be solved if enough careful thought was afforded it. I consider myself a fairly worldly person. Not terribly smart by any standard, but rounded just the same, and I've never been so puzzled by anything as this:

I grew up in a modest town on the west coast in the USA where I was spoon fed lore of some kid who saved my soul by letting towns people brutally slay him for claiming to be a messiah. The incarnate son of the god they were forced to believe in.

What has stuck with me over the years, is the fact that, even with this historically well documented example (if you choose to call it that), the same people who preach it today don't even consider the hypocritical foundation on which their spirituality was built. You would think that somehow, by now, such a bright species would have settled into a more tollerant and civil mindset. Instead, we have moral conflicts, arguments over facts, quoting thier passages out of context to support that what they believe in is "the only way".  Blah...

I want to know, why anyone trying so hard to convert me would consider such a closed minded approach. I mean, they're open minded enough to believe some of the horrific lore presented in the book they get their information from and still cling to blind faith.  So...  Ya know, maybe it's me.  Maybe I'm the closed minded one, right? I mean,  a huge majority can't be totally wrong. Certainly not. Right?

I love as much as my heart's restrictions allow.  I covet not my neighbor's wife or sheep. *snicker. I try to be helpful, even at times when it's a bit out of my way. I don't believe I'm a bad example for my children. And for what I believe will happen when I move past this world, I'll be worm dirt and cosmic energy, I'm just not sure, even if these folks end up being right about an eternal bliss, that their "way" has anything to offer me that I don't already have.  So what's the fuss?

If you're happy in what you believe in, why does my believing differently offend you to a sometimes voilent end? Are your beliefs so weak that you need my approval? Hmmm.  I'm just not sure I get what you think is so great on your side of the fence.  By the way, this is a rhetorical rant. I don't honestly want you to waste your time proving/defending/preaching.  I get what your book is, I just think it's great that you've found something that does so much for you. I have too.  Thanks so much for being happy for me. :) I'm likewise happy for you.

May the peace-monkey often visit your stoop.



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Comment by Mabel on March 18, 2012 at 3:23pm

Ted Andersen wrote:  why does my believing differently offend you to a sometimes voilent end?

Thank you for posting such thoughtful expressions. The answer is because those types of religious people only see what they want to see and they can't accept that their beliefs and morals bring about violence in some situations. An example would be their turned heads when the cruel bullying of people who express acceptance of homosexuality in schools occur. 

Comment by Scott Howard on March 18, 2012 at 11:05pm
Hi Trd! Glad you posted.

May the peace-monkey do what on my what?!
Comment by Ted Andersen on March 19, 2012 at 10:23pm

Thanks Scott. Glad to be here.


Thanks Mabel and so true it is. I'm relatively new-out.  Just around the corner from accepting logic over trends. The more I open my real eyes, the more I see inner harmony. It's troublesome that it's so difficult to have a logical conversation with so many.  there are only 3 of us who can even come close to a civil conversation where I work. That's at least reassuring.

An open mind is more than an open door, it's an on-only switch for a very bright light. - TA

Comment by Karen Loethen on March 20, 2012 at 11:58pm

Very enjoyable post!  Thanks!


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