I want to be an English teacher. It's been my dream for quite a while, ever since I tutored 9th graders in 12th grade. I want to give kids a love of learning and be there for them if they need it. Everything to support this goal was going just great until the summer. Although I got accepted to my dream school (wanted to go since I was 12), the first day of classes came and went, and I wasn't there. Turns out, our finances are a lot worse than I thought.
  My dad had his identity stolen years ago, unbeknownst to me. We're still trying to improve his credit and erase our (well, not technically our) debts. But we're not eligible for loans. Between our bills, our reeeally old cars and house always breaking, and paying off credit debt that isn't even ours, the government seems to think we have way more money than we do. So I can't even pay for a semester of college (Even at the cheap schools I got into). I'm looking into getting the TEACH grant, which will give me 4,000 dollars a year just for agreeing to teach an important subject at a high-risk school for a few years, which is pretty much my dream anyway. Still, even if I receive the grant after I've figured out how to apply, there's much left to be paid.
  So I created an Indiegogo campaign, linked above. I usually reserve this kind of activism for LGBT causes or raising awareness about various diseases and plights around the world, so it feels weird to ask for something, especially money, which I consider the least of my needs. But my education means so much to me. I make myself feel better about it when I remember that I'm just Internet-panhandling for a higher purpose--to help me help other people. Plus, I'm asking for a quarter per person, something anyone could afford. I truly don't mean to offend anyone with this, but it's a very confusing time for me and my family, so please consider clicking one of my links.

  One of the reasons I want to be a teacher is that I'm an atheist. I'm also bisexual. And if you put these two qualities in a teenager who lives in the South, USA, well, sucks to be them. I may be white, but I belong to a couple of important minorities that no one can see! I don't want a single student to have to feel as secluded and hopeless as I did in high school. Hopefully, someday, I can be there for these kids of the future and tell them that it's safe in my classroom to be who they are.

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