Submitting an complaint to the FL ACLU

Dear members:

I have been trying to submit a complaint to the FL ACLU and need "witness (people who have heard the complaint)"  which includes their full contact information. I'd also like your input, information from anyone who has dealt with the ACLU before, and contact information from anyone who would like to submit it.


Here's what I have so far:

When Statute 707.3's referenda was approved and if it is implemented, Florida State University and its student government administration will not only violate the Constitution of the Student Body but the Constitution of the United States. Article I Section 5E. 3 and 7 of the Constitution of the Student Body states the one of the purposes is to " take action of on the student body in general, and to specifically work for:... the enforcement of civil rights guarantees in all university life and policy" and "the protection of full student autonomy over life, services, and interests" respectively. Section 6 of Article I states: "each student shall be subject to the rules of the courts and the University but these rules shall at no time and in no way abridge the student's rights as citizen under the United States Constitution or the Constitution of the State of Florida". The violations of Article I Section 5E.3 and Section 6 stem from the application of the First Amendment by the 14th of the US Constitution to state governments. The Free Exercise clause of the First Amendment prohibits states from accommodating religious acts unless it has a compelling interest.

Allowing a prayer at each graduation serves only spiritual interests and would not be beneficial to the welfare of all those in attendance. Thus it does not meet the "compelling interest" exception. Section 5E.7 of the first article of the Constitution of the Student Body would be also violated in this manner because the protection of students' interests would not be met during the University's service of providing a graduation ceremony. If prayers during graduation are approved, SGA violates the rights of the students . It is a great overexertion of their jurisdiction by creating and implementing statutes that ignore the liberties given by the Constitution of the United States of American. I urge the ACLU to help correct these trespasses so that this university and SGA can truly represent and protect the ideas', beliefs' and rights of all its students.


Feel free to comment. This is just a draft but if anyone has any legal writing tips  to help me tidy it up that'd be great.

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