So, putting my toe into the whole atheism thing, I really have to give props to I haven't read any of those fancy books like The God Delusion or End of Faith cuz I'z cain'ts readz and my adult on-set ADHD precludes me from any successful attempts at finishing a book. I was already a non-believer before putting a name to it, so, I saved myself $25.95 plus tax.

Hemant (aka friendlyatheist) once talked about altruism and how churches have a monopoly on do-gooding, which they do as of today. If it's one thing churches do great at, it's getting their masses to volunteer in the name of God. This certainly got me thinking.

I guess to successfully deconvert people or at least give a good image of an atheist to your average Bible thumper (and by example illustrate to them how they are wasting their precious time by attending church) I've been trying to do more volunteering. I volunteer tutor a homeless student once per week and I just started volunteering at a food bank. It's back breaking labor because the supermarkets dump their excess in one big pile, and they need teams of people to discriminate between good and outdated food and then subdivide the food into boxes. That one is a win-win-win situation. I get exercise, I get to meet people I never would have otherwise, and it's a good deed.

I sometimes tell a friend before I do volunteer work that I'm going to "church".

I guess perhaps this is to make the whole "atheist" experience more palatable? There is a certain sadness to it. We commune/come together because yay there is no God. It doesn't naturally lend itself to the joyfulness of singing gospels and hymns, does it. Instead of atheist, perhaps we are prohumanist? Prohuman. Properson.

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Comment by Jay E on January 7, 2009 at 12:57pm
Bingo!!! Thank you. Altruism at it's most pure perhaps. There is NOTHING in it for me. I'm not asking for gold-level heaven (Mormonism), I'm not asking to be reincarnated as a bull (Hindusim), I'm not scoring Jesus points with the big man. Two hands that do is worth more than a thousand lips in prayer.


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