My Children's Book for Atheist Kids

My mother recently came to visit me. She spent the past 4 weeks pushing her religious garbage onto my son when, after she told him how god would want him to act, he responded, "Nana, god isn't real! God is bad!"

So while I was at school she made him recite prayers and tried to scare him with godly behavior (he's always watching and all that crap.)

If I were agnostic then I doubt I would care so much, but this pernicious seed of belief could ultimately drive a wedge between me and my son when he comes to the realization that if god is real then his mama is going to go to hell.

That's infuriating.

So I wrote a children's book and I read it to Anthony. It's not a book a kid can grasp all by themselves but it's a good place (I think) to start off discussions. Besides, when you look at the frightening garbage Xtians indoctrinate their offspring with at an early age, I think this is harmless.

I decided to publish my book on in hopes that some others may find it helpful. I'm currently trying to pay bills and keep my family out of debt (and finding a job is very hard for a mother in Texas where people prefer to hire men...)

So if you would like to buy a copy of my book here is the Link

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Thank you for reading!

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