I have recently been running into people and they ask me what my religion is. I tell them I am a card carrying atheist and most just leave it at that. Today I was reading some rage comics and one sparked my  imagination. It involved some girl sitting down and talking about her religion without the guy asking about it. I thought about how I would reply and the card carrying atheist thought popped into my head then the idea of taking it literally. So in the interest of that thought I came up with my card and here it is for you to review.




Front: I am a card carrying Atheist.


This is my card.


For more information look on back.




Back: I have presented you with this card since you wanted to talk about your religion. Unless you wish to discuss with me all the ways in which your religion makes no sense I have no interest in talking with you about it.


Have a nice day.




I am seriously considering getting this made so I can keep a few on me for those situations.


If you have any feed back feel free to leave a comment. If you go and have this card (or one like it) made for yourself then please do and post about it here.

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Comment by Rick on July 26, 2011 at 8:58am

I think putting “card carrying atheist” on a card is a bit redundant… as is “this is my card” for that matter. How ‘bout “I’m an atheist*”   *Details on back.

On back “I don’t subscribe to your god or your religion. Have a nice day. ”

I think there’s something to be said for simplicity. Just remember, your target audience is very simple minded.

I also think you should keep it as pleasant as possible. Few things are more annoying than when someone looks you in the eye, smiles and then proceeds to tell you you’re wrong. Those are my thoughts anyway.


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