Muslims vs. Christians....the american bias continues...

Isn't it funny how americans, especially of the christian sect, like to view all muslims as "islamic radicals"? in light of the recent events in Boston, of which i am whole-heartedly sympathetic toward (yet we ATHEISTS HAVE NO HEART NOR MORALS i am told), i am drawn back to this argument of which i have heard others in the major media outlets sometimes talk about.  When a christian, especially an american christian, thinks of a muslim, they USUALLY think of them as an islamic radical who will blow anyone and everyone up at the slightest provocation, or no provocation at all.  They tend to think of any muslim as a terrorist, and to belong to an islamic sect is parallel to being a terrorist.  Yet when viewed in reverse, being a christian doesnt make you a klu klux klan member, yet most klan members are christians, and hold the bible as close as their torture instruments, namely a rope (if i may be so vulgar).  So why is it that these so called christians, these seemingly humble and subservient god-fearing americans, can never hold to their sacred views in practice?  do unto others as you would have them do unto you and the rest of the garbage they spew out.  All of us Atheists are who we are for a reason, and those reasons vary, but the funny thing is is that we tend to view all others as equal, until they do/say something to make them un-equal.  and even though this is a major premise of the christian faith, we all know how they only use their premises toward other christians, and not to the masses as their platforms suggest.  So here is my question for comment, since debate is pretty useless in this one sided argument, "why is it ok for christians to be christians with their multitude of sects which torture, maim, and terrorize others while hiding behind their faiths; yet those same christians are ok with vilifying all muslims and view them as terrorists"?  and i understand than im asking a bunch of atheists to comment on religious people and their views, yet i have seen this attitude spill out of the christian sects into mainstream thought and practice, both religious and non religious americans alike are guilty.  I tend to view any person as a person first, and a monster only after they exhibit monstous views or acts.  I watched the boston bombing coverage across a number of media outlets, although i watch MSNBC more than most due to their democratic leanings and (normally) non biased views.  Almost every FOX NEWS outlet was just barely holding back the "its al-queda" that was dangerously dripping from the tips of their hateful tongues, even before the pictures were released or any information actually that would show any tinge of who these mad bombers were.  And even if they were islamic, who says they are "islamic radicals"?  im sure there are christians who temporarily freak out, yet are not klan members or christian radicals, but just had a bad day or year and decided to blow some people up.  So if you would be so kind, as my fellows on this site usually are so much, to respond to my initial question buried up there somewhere, "why is it ok to be a christian and have radical psycho's in your religion and not to be a muslim who happens to just like the islamic faith"? 

i know most people here will say its not ok to be ANY religious individual, but no matter how valid our arguments are, and they ARE lol, its not the matter at hand.  from a objectively unbiased view, since you should neither be muslim nor christian and be on this site i believe, how in your views is it ok for these americans to be so biased in THEIR views of other faiths, when theirs is so fucked up internally its laughable on the point of being insane? and yes, they are insane overall, but i just want comments on this view of muslim vs christian.  thanks, ~rookie~

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