Muslims Don't Want to Miss Out on the Witch Hunts

Over the weekend in India 5 women were accused of witch craft.

The women were paraded around, beaten, forced to eat excrement, and not the good kind either! A local Muslim Cleric has made the accusation that the women are witches yet no evidence is given in the article. I would like to propose that given a day, We could easily show how he's wrong about everything and even show him other cool things that might even blow his mind like the Meissner Effect. Possibly science alone could prevent clerics like this from having that kind of power over the people.

As I've stated in posts before, teaching a mystical world view limits critical thinking. The result is the recent stupidity in Africa. In the US, a country economically built on Science and innovation, we have to struggle with deprogramming students. They come to college largely Christian and leave less and less Christian. Can you imagine what they would learn and accomplish if they didn't have the struggle of finding themselves in reality?

100's of people witnessed the attacks on these women. No one stood up and asked the Cleric what his evidence was. No one knew right from wrong in a meaningful way to challenge what was happening. They stood around like cattle watching the rancher throw out bails of hay. This is the collective group intelligence of religionists. From youth they are taught to not question authority. This is true from Old to New Testament and across most religions. If you want to raise cattle that offer nothing progressive to the world, nothing works better than religion.

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