Just moved to West Virginia. Among the standard frustrations of moving, I chose the occasion to read the local paper (thankfully online), and ran across this gem in the Letters to the Editor section: Jesus is the reason for a Christmas celebration.

     Having a strong desire to make friends in my new neighborhood, I thought I'd start by fostering some goodwill - in the form of a rebuttal, which was sent in as a Letter to the Editor submission yesterday. It may never be published, so I thought I'd share with you (and I'll be adding it to the comments of the original post if it's rejected):


This is in response to the letter from Mrs. Mahoney on December 2nd, in which she argues that "Jesus is the reason for a Christmas celebration."


     Mrs. Mahoney is quite right. Christmas is a Christian holiday celebrating the alleged birth of Jesus some 2000+ years ago.


     Unfortunately, Mrs. Mahoney is also being less than charitable, to say the least. Since she seems so fond of statistics, perhaps the following will help her to see her error and apologize to those of us celebrating other, non-Christian holidays in December (or no holiday at all):

  1. On December 5th, 1.5 billion Muslims have an opportunity to celebrate Ashura, an Islamic holiday commemorating the martyrdom of the Prophet's grandson.
  2. On December 8th, 91 million Japanese will have an opportunity to celebrate Rohatsu, the annual observance of the enlightenment of the Buddha.
  3. From December 20th - 28th, 14 million Jews (believing and non-believing alike) have an opportunity to celebrate Chanukah, originally commemorating the dedication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem ca. 165 BCE.
  4. On December 21st, 1.1 billion people of a secular, non-theistic mindset and 1 million people of a neo-pagan mindset will have an opportunity to celebrate Yule, also known as the Winter Solstice.
  5. On December 23rd, 1.1 billion people of a secular, non-theistic mindset will have an opportunity to celebrate HumanLight, or the tongue-in-cheek Festivus.
  6. On December 25th, some Christians, recognizing the pagan origins of Christmas, will NOT be celebrating Jesus' birth. Many non-Christians will also be working, ensuring that the world economy keeps moving while Mrs. Mahoney celebrates, and giving her the option of having a holiday dinner out if she wishes.
  7. On December 26th, 39 million African-Americans have an opportunity to celebrate Kwanzaa, a uniquely American holiday honoring African-American culture and heritage.


All told, there are 2.7 billion people in the world having something else to celebrate (not counting births, birthdays, etc.), not to mention the other 2.1 billion people in the world with no holidays in the month of December. Surely, Mrs. Mahoney is not saying that none of these other 4.8 billion people matter, or that Christians matter more?


     As an alternative, maybe Mrs. Mahoney (and Christians of a similar mind) should try to remember that the month of December doesn't belong to Christians, and that - like it or not - we live in a country that honors freedom of religion in its founding documents.


     Being someone who has spent nearly half his life supporting and defending the Constitution, I support Mrs. Mahoney's right to worship and celebrate as she wishes this holiday season. But I also support everyone else's right to worship (or not) and celebrate (or not) in whatever way seems best to them. And as you can see, I've also signed my name to this letter. Not in order to make a show of how strong my belief is, but because I believe in confronting intolerant behavior face-to-face.


Happy holidays to everyone!


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Comment by Bill Butler on December 3, 2011 at 9:33pm

Nicely said and I am sure that letter will cement a place of honor for you among your new neighbors I mean really they cant be that religious in West Virginia right. lol 

Comment by Ed on December 4, 2011 at 12:41pm


Careful with that use of logic and reasoning there in good ole WV! Tread lightly my friend as intolerant fundamentalists may pay you a late night "welcome to the neighborhood." With emphasis on the "hood" part.  At the very least get a good watch dog. 

Comment by Jeff Samuelson on December 4, 2011 at 4:41pm

Thanks for the kind words! My wife & I hope it gets published, but we're not really holding our breath. I'll post an update if it does. I was joking with her that we might want to set some money aside for broken windows (we're only a stones throw from the road, after all :)). As for guard dogs, we have a couple noisy, but ultimately harmless beasts. 

I'm not actually worried. Yet. We'll see. It's a new world for us here.

Comment by Helena on December 4, 2011 at 4:44pm

Beautiful. Logic at work.


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