More Details on the Pathetic Bishop from Phoenix

On Saturday I wrote about Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted, head of the Phoenix diocese, punishing a nun who tried to help save a dying woman's life by advising her to take her doctor's advice and abort her eleven-week-old fetus. The doctors and the hospital both agreed that the woman's pregnancy would probably kill her given her condition.

Olmsted evidently thought the woman should have rolled the dice and kept the pregnancy on the off-chance that God would come through for her during her moment of need. And if He didn't, it probably wouldn't have bothered Olmsted that the woman died because, hey, who is he to second-guess God? God gave the woman the condition in the first place.

Today I came across further evidence of Olmsted's douchebaggery. Irish Central is reporting that Olmsted once refused to give communion to a ten-year-old autistic child because the child might not be capable of swallowing the wafer. And everyone knows, the cracker is paramount in the kingdom of Christ.

Even worse, while Olmsted did not speak out on behalf of the victims of sexual abuse by the clergy, he did move to shield the diocese of Phoenix from lawsuits stemming from such abuse by individually incorporating each local parish.

He's a company man and that's probably why he rose to become a bishop. Clergy capable of thinking for themselves are not trusted with leadership positions in the church. They want people who can toe the party line.

The Catholics of Phoenix should rise up against the church hierarchy and demand a moral leader. Let's not forget that Olmsted replaced Bishop Thomas O'Brien, who actively covered up instances of sexual abuse by clergy. After becoming a target in an investigation, O'Brien ceded his authority over diocesan policy governing sexual abuse. Two weeks later, O'Brien killed a man in a hit-and-run accident.

Do these men more resemble Jesus, or the Pharisees he used as examples?

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Comment by Thaddeus Dombrowski on May 19, 2010 at 12:57pm
I would disagree with you in that lying requires a person to willfully intend to mislead. Clergy may be misleading the people, but they're not necessarily doing it willfully. Most of them truly believe in what they are saying.


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