What is a miracle?

When I was in high school, there was one particular substitute teacher who was always telling stories about seeing aliens and one story that I can't tell if he was telling the truth about or not. His story was very interesting and had physical evidence to prove the story true.

He was a young man working for a farmer, cutting wood for him far back in the woods miles from the farmers house. As he was cutting a limb off the tree when his chainsaw kicked back and cut his left jaw and his artery, of course he was miles away from anything, so he had to walk all the way to the farmers house. When he got there he knocked on the door and no one answered, (i think it was 5-10 min before the farmer's wife came out and the farmer came to the house) the farmer and his wife brought him into the house and they called for help. They sat with him and prayed. Right then he felt his body get very weak, and his body started to fall forward, the farmer and the wife started to pray louder and then a burst of energy went through his body and he was sitting up again. The helicopter arrived and they got him on a stretcher. When they got to the hospital, and fixed him up, one of the parametric told him he had survived four hours after having his artery cut open. They said it was a miracle, he survives that long. He believed that the praying helped him survive. His face still today has a scar where he was injured and there is a curve in his jaw line where it was cut off.

Now, how do you define a miracle? Can you still say it was a miracle even if you don't believe "god" and praying saved you? Or do you just call it a coincidence?

Comment and tell me what your opinions are.

This was a true story and this man is still alive today. 

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Comment by Marc Poulin on September 23, 2011 at 10:39pm

I think adrenaline and The Will to Live are powerful things.

My cousin lost his right arm in a motorcycle accident, turns out he was left handed. Miracle? I say no. I say it was a 50/50 shot and he got lucky. A miracle would be if his arm had grown back after having been ripped off his body. 


I was born with something called 'Prune Belly Syndrome', basically I have very little abdominal muscles and a big gut. Odds of being born like this are 1 in 40,000. Of those, 20-50% die within the first two years, and the other 50% have varying degrees of complications. Of the survivors I've read about, I would say probably 95% have what I would call an ongoing health issues, such as infections, urinary problems, catherizing etc... Me? I have a large belly and I can't do sit ups. That's it. I should, like my mother, consider myself to be a miracle, but the way I see it, when I wake up one morning and I have six pack abs, then I'll call it a miracle. I'm lucky to be alive, luckier to not be sick, hate like "hell" that I was born like this. 

Some may say beating odds is a miracle, but people win the lottery every day, odds are meant to be broken.


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