My sister-in-law (I love her, but she is dumb as a stump) had a cousin who was struck down in the prime of life with paraplegia.  His legs were paralyzed from the "knees" down.  All the specialists doctors he saw said the same thing: we can find no physical or neurological basis for your paralysis.  Now the patient assumed that this meant that his illness was so mysterious and rare that the doctors were at a total loss.  They did talk to him about hysterical and psychosomatic disorders, especially as the nerves in the lower leg don't all arise just at the knee.  He decided to pray about it.  And he prayed and he prayed and he prayed.  One night, many years later, he was watching some female evangelist on late night TV who was performing faith healing.  And she said that there was someone in the audience who had trouble with their legs!  And he said: It's me!  Then she asked if he had faith in Jesus Christ.  And he said, I do!  And then she said:  by the faith of Jesus Christ I command you to stand ... and...walk!  And he did.  And he walked out and founded a little church and used his testament to build that church, and he published a book (my sister-in-law was his typist and editor) about the "Miracle on Tenth Street" and sold a few thousand copies.  And he preached until he died a few years ago.  My wife and I agree that "Miracle on Tenth Street" is, without a doubt, the worst book we've ever attempted to read.

My mother brought up the incident on one occasion in reference to faith healing, and I said: mom, it was all in his head, hysterical paralysis, he did not have an organic disease!  And my mother's reply was: ok. she healed his head and he can walk again.       

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Comment by Jon Heim on January 12, 2011 at 12:44am
you win some you lose some. the power of suggestion is a powerful thing. lol


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