In the beginning was Big and Bang.  Two Gods that wanted to create lesser beings to praise them because they had no self-confidence.  They got together and talked about what they wanted their creations to look like, but they couldn’t agree on the design.  They started to get aggravated with each other and started to argue with each other.  The argument got heated and Big lost control and hit Bang so hard they exploded and caused them to die.  This is the life and death of Big and Bang.


In the death of these two Gods gave birth all of the galaxies in the universe.  The galaxies are called the children of Big and Bang because they were created from the energy of their death.  These galaxies wanted to create lesser beings to honor their parents Big and Bang.  They first created stars then planets then they picked the pretties planets of the all the systems they created around the stars started to mold the planets so they would be able to support lesser beings.

Once the planets were able to support the lesser beings and their parents were honor, the galaxies started fight over which one had the best lesser beings.  Like their parents, they couldn’t come to an agreement and started fighting each other.  They began to invade the other’s space.  The bigger galaxies consumed the smaller galaxies and killed the lesser beings in that galaxy’s system. 


Our galaxy is getting close to battle with another galaxy as you’re reading this.  The battle will soon start and we must do our part to help our galaxy win this battle.  We must start showing our support and love of our galaxy with songs of thanks for creating us.  The more songs, the stronger our galaxy will become.  We must all do our part to help our galaxy.  Our lives depend on it.

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