think of all the stupid holidays that

western civilization celebrates---

everything from christmas to valentines,

all holding rituals that require one to

cough up the bucks & perpetuate the

empire &

the riches in this one plot of land

aren’t even given to all of its occupants,

so imagine how stupid these holidays are

to those who live outside the empire,

whose own lives having nothing to do with us

at all, except for the fact that

our policeman will beat them to death

if they don’t do what we say---

wouldn’t it make more sense to scrap all

the ridiculous holidays,

whose fictitious meanings hold no real substance &

instead to focus on the physical of which we all have in common,

evidence of our evolution &

evidence of our survival,

which lies beneath all our feet

as we step each day creating more ways to destroy it,

killing more of each other in order to exploit it---

certainly a day for the earth is not enough,

nor a month or a year---

as the damage that we have done strangles our own existence

with more experts insisting that we have passed the tipping point


or are so dangerously close

we’ve not a minute to spare,

there seems nothing merry about one day

in which we all pretend to give a shit.

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