Memes have becomes memes.

When i first read Darrel Ray's God Virus I was confused as to whether he was positing a real phenomenon or was drawing an analogy. And when i hear or read others expand on or elaborate about some meme or other i am similarly unsure as to what is meant.

So for anybody who is a proponent of memes are you making a metaphor or do you mean that there is some observable and measurable phenomenon. Is there a change at the molecular level once a person has been memed into a belief?

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Comment by Pope Beanie on November 5, 2016 at 1:55pm
I like this question. Half kidding, I could start with "a meme is a concept of a concept". A cultural concept of a cultural concept.

It depends on what your cultural perspective is, because even if ther is a scientifically agreed-upon definition of the word meme, culture at large will still appropriate it and naively mis-use it, because memes themselves are subject to plasticity in culture. (Ha, "in culture", where "in situ" is practically equivalent to "in vitro"!) And they're subject to self-definition or intentional creation.

As for whether one can be a proponent of memes, I think that's only a relevant question like "are you a proponent of cliches". (And my answer to that is variable and complex.)

It is what it is, but it can be more than that.

Look up "teme". It's a completely made up extension of the concept of "meme", but I think it's still a useful concept.

A meme is kind of like a macro, but for spoken language. A teme is more of an invented *object*, although that definiton may evolve, too.


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