Meditation, self reflection, love, and higher consciousness

So I am currently reading The handbook to Higher consciousness by Ken Keyes Jr, and i have to say, Nothing I'v ever read or experienced has opened my mind more than this book. i'v never been more happy or enlightened(if I may use that word) in my life. It's showed me all the unnecessary things people strive for to be happy, when all along it was right here in front of them. Weather that be money, skills, possessions, or anything material in nature. It's showed me, and I'm not there yet, how to love everyone unconditionally, and to see the beauty in people. I won't get into the details, but its a Fantastic book to read up on, and for the most part its atheist friendly. It had some more pantheist stuff I wasn't ready to grasp on to but. Any ways, I'v tried meditating before, with many failed attempts. And thats do mostly in part to getting board, or having itches on my back. But today i decided to more serious, So i got into position and started. Clearing everything in my mind. i started to visualize all the bad things in my life right now with each inhale and upon each exhale imagining them flowing away. I know it sounds stupid but it really helps to minimize issues and see thing for what they really are, and helps to make rational decisions on how to fix those issues. After that I started to visualize all the people involved in my life. Like my mother and father, and my brother and sister and friends and relatives. And the immense love they have for me, and I to them. And the funny thing is I started to cry a little. I couldn't believe I went through a significant portion of my life not realizing how beautiful that was. And how some people don't get that at all, I felt sorry for all the millions of people that don't have this. I felt incredibly thankful.  after that I stopped, moved by my experience, planing to reflect in the future. Its great, I fell my consciousness has been raised in that I feel more serious towards love and thankfulness. i encourage other people to engage in the same meditation.

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