may 24th (a few days after the rapture)

and so another end of the world has rolled on


and for those that stopped paying their bills,

who might have quit their jobs,

who spent all their money in the last couple of

weeks before the predicted day







just what it must be like to believe in a fictional character who

never ceases to disappoint

when it comes to this blessed


to believe in a fictitious force that you are supposed to love more than

your own children,

more than your own parents,

more than your own siblings,

more than your own friends,


at the same time,

you are supposed to fear this fiction,

more than the most evil person you have ever heard of,

more than the most violent group that you have ever seen act in history,

more than the most horrible scenes that you yourself can conjure up in your

most frightening of dreams,

more than that other fictional character whom this fictional character which you already are supposed to fear created to deceive you into being something that that first

fictional character would despise you even more for being deceived by,


at the same time as you are supposed to love & fear this fictional dictator,

you are suppose to await

(with the nervous twitch of a thousand addicts stuffed in a room with no windows, no doors, and none of the drug that they are hooked on,




fix) “patiently,”

for the rapture to come---

a time when all those that didn’t believe what you believed

and who didn’t live exactly like you did

(and who just plain had more fun than you did while they were alive on this planet),



and the whole time that you wait

all your relatives that were waiting with you,

they die off,

and you are left still waiting.


and the whole time that you wait,

all your friends die off,

and they are no longer to wait with you.


and the whole time that you wait,

all those engaged in mutually absurd idiocy,

like yourself,

well, they die off too---

and they are no longer there to wait with you.


and you still assert to anyone that challenges you

that you are


about the garden & the talking snake & the flood & the burning bush & the virgin birth & the walking on water & the curing of the leper & the water to wine & the fishes & bread & the crucifixion & the resurrection & the blabbidy blabbidy blah



one who doesn’t feel the need to blame all their problems on others &

who takes responsibility for themselves,

wanting to better the world that they live in,

in any way they can---

just doesn’t have time for all your fables.


it really isn’t even amusing.


it’s just sad



that so many people waste so much of their lives wanting to get back

at others & who are so very scared of having to take responsibility for


& who will not come to terms that there is only one life & that it is the one they are

presently living,




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Comment by eugene on May 24, 2011 at 4:21pm
I think the 21st May hoax is not the first and would certainly not be the last.And let us not kid ourselves because the next hoax may be accompanied by a calculated attempt by these confused people to create mayhem to justify their irrational thinking. I want to pose a question which is that;if scientific prediction cannot achieve a 100% certainty, then one wonders what an old, archaic historic book can achieve with its irrational researchers? Think about it and reflect on it when another child's play dooms day message comes your way in the near future!
Comment by isaac.furniss on May 24, 2011 at 9:41pm
I think those that use the fables to help others should be lauded despite what they believe. But those that use the fables to fearmonger should be mocked or otherwise ignored. If they aren't given a slap of reality they will not second-guess their ridiculous behavior.
Well-written, by the by.


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